VIC Budget: $400 millon to finish Victorian ICT projects

The Victorian state budget, released Tuesday, features an allocation of nearly $400 million to projects with an ICT component in 2010-11.

A significant portion of ICT spending will go towards continuing major projects at the Department of Transport.  For example, over $80 million will be spent on the closing stages of the Myki ticketing solution, which has an overall price-tag of $461 million.

Another $52 million will be spent this financial year on...

NSW Expected to Ditch Area Health Services Under National Plan

To comply with the National Health and Hospitals Network reform plan passed by COAG last month, NSW will be expected to dissolve its Area Health Services and replace them with a system of Local Health Networks, a spokesperson for Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon has told the medium.

The size and boundaries of Local Health Networks are a matter for the states to decide, however NSW Health is unwilling confirm what the new hospital administration...

Top 25 suppliers account for over 70% of market by value

As Budget season arrives, we are reminded that Federal Government ICT is a highly concentrated market.  

In 2008-09 the Top 25 suppliers accounted for 73.1% of the market by value.

This is an even more concentrated market than was seen in 2007-08 when the Top 25 suppliers accounted for 63.4% of the market.

Intermedium’s Federal Government ICT Market: Supplier Overview Report 2008-09, revealed a continuing downward trend in total contract numbers...

Gov gives 2.0 a big tick

Minister for Finance and Deregulation (Finance) Lindsay Tanner has accepted all but one of the recommendations made in the Government 2.0 Taskforce’s report, handed down in December last year.

The response to Engage: Getting on with Gov 2.0 was handed over to the Finance Minister 22 December 2009 and indicates significant cultural change in the ranks of the Federal Government.


Tax Office Change Program and the Henry Review

In the 2008-09 Annual Report, Commissioner of Tax, Michael D’Ascenzo, signalled that the Australian Tax Office’s (ATO) Change Program should be close to over by the end of this year, however the current IT difficulties may require a revision to this estimate.

According to the ATO website, the last phases of Release 3 will start July 2010.  The Commissioner stated in his...

NSW: Successful super departments?

Nearly one year after former Premier Nathan Rees announced that the 160 agencies that form the NSW Government would be consolidated into 13 Super Departments, signs of a meaningful level of integration are evident at just three of the Super Departments, according to a review of public domain information by Intermedium. 

Intermedium referenced checklists in the NSW Auditor General’s Office Better Practice Guide ‘...

Steward and Sedgwick provide clues about future project intentions

“Major ICT projects such as the National Broadband Network, Service Delivery Reform and the Government 2.0 Taskforce are likely to generate significant future demand and competition for qualified ICT staff”, said Ann Steward, Australian Government Chief Information Officer and Stephen Sedgwick, Australian Public Sector Commission, in their Foreword to Whole-of-government ICT Strategic Workforce Plan 2010-2013.

This is affirmation of Intermedium's...

Hospital networks’ performance to be reported

The quarterly assessment results of the performance of hospitals and hospital networks will be made available online under the National Health and Hospitals Agreement (NHHA) passed by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) in Canberra on 20 April.

The NHHA Agreement reforms, passed by all of the states and territories (with the exception of Western Australia), give the Commonwealth authority over nation-wide health funding, and will see the establishment of...

ANAO delivers report critical of Attorney General's Department


Several shortcomings in the Attorney–General’s Department’s (AGD) management of the National Identity Security Strategy (NISS), including a failure to implement widespread use of the national Document Verification Service (nDVS), have been highlighted in a report released by the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO).

The implementation of the NISS by the AGD, which has lead responsibility for coordinating the development of the strategy, has been...