The bright side of the NSW ICT Costs Review

ICT suppliers will immediately see opportunities when the NSW Government seeks savings as part of the Review of ICT Costs.

A Treasury-based team headed by Deputy Secretary Stephen Brady, with secondees from other departments including the NSW Government Chief Information Offfice, is charged with undertaking the review.

Because certain cost areas, such as health, education and police salaries, are likely to be quarantined, it is already apparent that the key focus for cost savings will be in back-office functions...

Invest to save, or save to invest?

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This week, the QLD Government became the latest to announce a new state ICT strategic plan, Toward Q2 through ICT...

AGIMO to release data centre contract panel within a fortnight

Australian Government CIO Ann Steward is expected to announce four to five data centre suppliers within the next fortnight.

The announcement will address immediate data centre needs, prior to delivering a long term strategy to government at the end of the year...

NSW Information Technology Panel Contracts - Clarifications and Updates!

In last week’s issue of the medium, we provided a status report on the current number of NSW Period Panel Contracts under the Information Technology category on the NSWbuy site.

This week, we provide some clarifications and updates as there have been changes to the NSWbuy website since our article.

In the article, we were in error when we stated that no information was available about when the new Information and Communication Technology Services Providers Panel (Contract 2020) would come into force...

QLD Government releases 5-year ICT strategy

Last week, Public Works and ICT Minister Robert Schwarten released the Queensland Government strategy for government ICT. It is a comprehensive plan that addresses the big issues facing government ICT in the future. It is likely to be a very useful document beyond its primary audience...

ICT sustainability discussion paper

Last week the Federal Government released its Discussion Paper on Whole-of-Government ICT Sustainability.

The paper has its origins in last year’s Gershon Review of Australian Government’s Use of ICT. Gershon recommend “the development of a whole-of-government ICT sustainability plan to manage the carbon footprint of the Government’s ICT activities” by December 2009...

NSW Government embarks on review of ICT funding and expenditure

Following the Federal Government’s Gershon Review, the NSW Government has announced the appointment of former Secretary of the Commonwealth Department of Finance, Stephen Sedgewick, as the independent chair of the Better Services and Value Taskforce.

Creation of the Taskforce was announced in the 2009/10 NSW Budget...

Number of ICT panel contracts down to 8 in NSW

Substantial changes to the range of IT panel contracts in place in NSW, and to the rules relating to how agencies go about procuring the solutions they require are now substantially in place.

A number of years in the making, these changes stem from a Premier’s Memorandum issued in November 2006 by acting Premier John Watkins...

Heated debate about ICT in Queensland

The last month has seen heated exchanges over Queensland Government policy regarding the National Broadband Network and the use of ICT contractors in government. Unfortunately much of the public debate has deviated away from the central issues...

NSW turns the tables with Govt 2.0

The NSW Government will hold a competition to develop digital applications to better utilise government data.

Earlier this year a software developer created a train timetabling application for Apple's popular iPhone. RailCorp threatened to take the inventor to court, claiming a breach of copyright...

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