Breakfast Briefing Packages

  • Value for money offering for 2010-11
  • Ideal for companies and agencies that regularly attend Intermedium's briefings
  • Manage your costs and reduce the overall cost of attendance.

About Intermedium Breakfast Briefings

Running since 2005, Intermedium’s briefings are a highly valued source of information about Australian government ICT markets.

Intermedium regularly conducts breakfast briefings in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

At least 10 are planned for 2010-11, including quarterly ‘state of the market’ briefings, budget briefings, procurement briefings and coverage of hot topics as they arise.

These briefings are of value to both industry and government.

See our calendar of events for current planned briefings

Breakfast Briefings Package

Clients who regularly attend Intermedium’s briefings can now avail themselves of a package that represents excellent value for money. Offered at ‘silver’, ‘gold’ and ‘platinum’ levels, this package will appeal to clients who not only attend the briefings, but would like access to the presentation materials for reference within their company or who would like further in house briefing support from Intermedium.

Package Level Package inclusions

(inc GST)


10 places at briefings (valued at $2,750 inc GST)
There is no restriction on the way in which the 10 places can be utilised.
They can be taken:

  • as a single at each of 10 briefings across the year
  • as multiple attendance at one briefing
  • by different company representatives.



All features of the Silver package PLUS presentation slides / notes.
(valued at $4,000 inc GST)



All features of the Gold package PLUS a ½ day internal briefing by an Intermedium consultant on a briefing topic of the company’s choice.
(valued at $7,000 inc GST)


For printable version with booking form click here
For further information contact sales on (02) 9955 9896.

More information:

This offer is for the financial year 2010 only, commencing on 1 July 2010. It is valid for any briefing in any jurisdiction and is transferable to guests of the subscribing organisation.

Gold: Briefing notes can be circulated within the company and graphs and charts extracted for use (copyright and other reproduction conditions apply).

Platinum: Internal briefing is unrestricted in terms of the number of organisational participants. Travel and other expenses will apply.  The use of Intermedium Senior Associates or additional Intermedium consultants can be negotiated for an additional fee.

Why choose Intermedium

Intermedium specialises in Australian public sector markets. We have achieved a strong reputation with companies offering technology products and services to the public sector, and public sector agencies seeking to better understand the capabilities and capacity of their supplier base. We provide our clients with market information so that they can make informed decisions about the government market and with consulting services so that they can be more effective in the way they engage in the market. more>>

For more information, please contact the Editor (02) 9955 9896.

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