Intermedium Policies

Rights and Permissions over use of Intermedium Content

The intellectual property contained in study results, reports and Intermedium website tools ("the Content")  is owned by Intermedium.

Intermedium retains all rights, titles, and interests in and to methodologies, knowledge, links, references, research processes and templates – including but not limited to algorithms and statistical models, used to produce the Content.

The purchaser or authorised user of any of the Content (the User) may use the the Content to support marketing analysis, strategic planning and business development functions internal to the organisation of the User.

The User may take  extracts of up to 20% of the Content for direct use in  reports or documents intended for use within the User's organisation without reference to Intermedium. Whenever such an extract is made, the User must acknowledge Intermedium as the source in any report or document containing Intermedium Content.

The User may not download, distribute, promote, or otherwise use the Content for any external use without express written permission from the Key Account Manager, Intermedium.  Such external use includes the provision of the Content to contractors or consultants engaged by the User for any purpose whatsoever .

Contractors or consultants engaged by the User's organisation cannot be provided with user accounts or logons for direct personal access to the Content without agreement from the Key Account Manager, Intermedium. 

Where the User wishes to publish to the public domain or circulate the Content externally to the User's organisation, the User must provide the Key Account Manager, Intermedium with a copy of the precise proposed wording or document to enable Intermedium to gauge the full context of the usage of the Content and ensure its accuracy, currency, and proper attribution.

Intermedium reserves the right to deny permission publish to the public domain or circulate the Content externally to the User's organisation.  In the circumstance that permission is denied, Intermedium will provide the User with a written explanation of its reason for denial.


Intermedium disclaims all and any guarantees, undertakings and warranties, express or implied, and shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever, including incidental or consequential loss or damage, arising out of, or in connection with, any use of or reliance on the Content.

While the Content is considered to be true and correct at the date of publication, changes to the source data upon which the Content is based after the date of the publication may occur.

Intermedium is not liable for the accuracy of any information extracted, compiled, manipulated, stored or printed by a User.

Privacy Policy

When Intermedium collects personal information about a User, such as name or contact details, it will comply with the following principles:

1. It will clearly indicate how it intends to use the personal information collect from a User.

2. It will not disclose a User's personal information to any unrelated third party, except where the User has given expressed permission for Intermedium to do so or where required to do so by law.

3. Intermedium will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that any personal information provided by a User is held securely by it or by its third party application service providers contracted to provide services to Intermedium.

4. Intermedium will make all reasonable efforts to keep a User's personal information up to date and accurate.

5. If a User requires access to any personal information Intermedium holds about them, wishes to notify Intermedium of any change, modification or correction or would like Intermedium to delete their personal information from its records, they can contact Intermedium at any time via email or by telephone (AEST office hours) on +61 2 9955 9896.