Useful Links

Titlesort descending Jurisdiction Comment
ACT (DataACT) ACT ACT Government datasets
ACT Auditor-General's Office ACT Responsible for the audit of ACT public sector agencies.
ACT Government Budget Papers ACT ACT Budget Papers 2014-15
ACT Government Chief Information Officer ACT No ACT GCIO role exists
ACT Government Data Centre Strategy ACT A Whole-of-government data centre program.
ACT Government Directory ACT Directory
ACT Government Procurement Act 2001 ACT ACT Government Procurement Act 2001
ACT Ombudsman ACT The role of ACT Ombudsman is discharged by the Commonwealth Ombudsman as a result of an arrangement between the ACT and Australian governments.
ACT Shared Services ACT ACT Shared Services provides a range of corporate services to ACT Government agencies.
ACT State of the Service Report 2012-13 ACT TAS Commissioner for Public Administration
ANZ Government Procurement Agreement Federal, NZ Agreement to establish and maintain an ANZ government procurement market.
AUS Government Directory Federal Directory
AusTender Federal
Australian Government Cloud Computing Policy Federal Federal ‘cloud first’ policy aimed at increasing public sector use of cloud
Australian National Audit Office Federal A specialist public sector practice providing audit services to Parliament and Commonwealth public sector agencies and statutory bodies.
Australian Ombudsman Federal Handles complaints, conducts investigations, performs audits and inspections, encourages good administration, and carries out specialist oversight tasks.
Australian Public Service Information and Communications Technology Strategy 2012-2015 Federal ICT Strategy
Department of Corporate and Information Services NT Provides a range of whole-of-government shared corporate services, including IT and Communications services.
Department of Finance WA Responsibility for procurement and information technology management.
Department of Finance SA Responsibility for procurement and information technology management.