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Accenture nabs $35.3m ERP deal with NSW Justice

by Poppy Johnston •
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Accenture has secured its second sizeable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) deal with a New South Wales agency, signing a $35.3 million contract with the Department of Justice to deliver software-as-a-service SAP functionality.

The seven-year partnership follows Accenture’s $54 million deal with the NSW’s Family and Community Services (FACS), secured late last year, which will transition the agency to cloud-based ERP.

The NSW Justice-Accenture contract expires on the 1st of January 2022.

The ERP system with NSW Justice will introduce cloud-based SAP for payroll, human resources and other business processes for the entire Justice cluster.

According to the contract notice, Accenture will be in charge of implementation of the SAP ERP system, as well as “ongoing services” where required.

Justice is following other NSW service clusters, like FACS, by consolidating its array of disparate business process systems into a single platform. The business case that underpinned the original 2013 Expression of Interest recommended the transfer of the Justice cluster agencies to a standard ERP solution based on SAP.

The project will introduce standardized processes in line with the NSW Government’s Corporate Shared Service Reform Program (CSSRP), and significantly ease the administrative burden on as many as 15 000 staff. The NSW Government’s CSSRP was set up to support the nine NSW departmental clusters in the consolidation of ‘back end’ operations.

The $35.3 million deal does not include SAP licenses. These instead will be provided under the GSAS Contract established directly with SAP.

While NSW is emerging as an important jurisdiction for Accenture, it still does not match Accenture’s track record in Canberra. Accenture secured $168 million in total contract value with Federal Government agencies in 2015-16, and $264.5 million in 2014-15, according to Intermedium’s Analyse IT tool.

Accenture is responsible for the ‘people domain’ as part of its membership of the Department of Defence’s Applications Managed Services Partnership Agreement (AMSPA) and in 2013, the Defence signed a $58.5 million contract for the Defence Personnel Systems Modernisation project with the company to develop a “single, unified payroll system” for all Defence employees. 

The Accenture-Justice ERP solution will be housed in one of the NSW Government’s GovDC data centres.

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