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ACT beats bigger states at digital government

by Chris Huckstepp •
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Outperforming jurisdictions with much larger populations and budgets, the ACT achieved fourth place in Intermedium’s 2022 digital government assessment. 

Only NSW, Federal and NZ (central) sit above ACT on the Digital Government Readiness and Maturity Indicator (DGRMI) leader board – an impressive result given that two of these three jurisdictions are national governments.      

Above all, the ACT’s DGRMI position can be attributed to consistent improvements to digital government readiness on a strategic, policy and governance level every year since 2016. Unlike some other jurisdictions, the ACT has never fallen back in its score by, for example, letting a strategy expire.  

Other key factors behind the ACT’s result included:  

  • The 2020 ACT Digital Strategy and the vision that services are so easy they often ‘just happen’  

  • Strong governance arrangements including the Technology Governance Group, Technology Leadership Group and Data Reform Group 

  • Leadership of the Data and Digital Ministers Meeting’s Birth of a Child project   

  • The Guiding Best Practice Design and Delivery Guide 

Click here to read a complimentary summary of the Digital Government Readiness and Maturity Indicator report. It details the methodology and criteria used to determine the results. The full report can also be purchased from Intermedium by contacting  

*Since 2016, Intermedium has provided a ‘no place to hide’ report on the jurisdictional digital transformation leaders and laggards. The 2022 report measures Whole of Government (WofG) progress on digital government readiness ‘enablers’ - digital strategies, policies, institutions, and governance arrangements. As of 2022, it also measures digital government maturity progress toward a government that is digital by design, user- and data-driven, operates as a platform and is open by default.  

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