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ACT opens submissions for new hardware panel

by Sam Murphy and Pallavi Singhal •
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The ACT Government is looking to establish a whole-of-government “hardware catalogue” by January 2014.

The government-wide provider of corporate services Shared Services ICT has approached the market for a single supplier or a panel of suppliers to provide end user devices and servers to Government directorates under four separate categories:

  • Desktop PCs, laptops and monitors (including tablets, slates and hybrid models)
  • Apple Mac desktops, laptops and iPads;
  • Windows servers; and
  • Unix servers.

Further hardware products such as Google equipment, Kindles, ‘phablets’, scientific and geospatial desktop PCs, memory and hard drives may also be requested through the catalogue, depending on additional capability indicated by suppliers.

As well as supplying relevant hardware products, successful tenderers will also be responsible for providing an online catalogue for agencies to access and order the relevant products.

The ACT Government earmarked $22 million in hardware spending in its 2013-14 budget, with around $10 million going towards the refresh of computers, wireless access points and other infrastructure across Territory schools.

Currently the ACT’s hardware fleet includes around 26,700 Hewlett-Packard (HP) desktop PCs, 12,000 HP laptops, 2,200 Mac devices, 2,300 iPads and 1,000 servers. The ACT refreshes approximately 3,000 desktops, 500 laptops and 300 Windows servers per annum, according to tender documents.

To mitigate the regularly evolving nature of the hardware market, the request for tender includes the provision that successful suppliers should be able to update product models available through the catalogue. The terms of the Request for Tender (RFT) seek to ensure the “continuing development of models which will enable the Territory to acquire new technology that is appropriate to changing requirements…over the term of the contract”.

Products are also expected to maintain “build standard” to ensure compatibility with the standard operating environment (SOE) for at least 12 months from the signing of the contract.

Tenderers looking to supply laptops have to meet an additional requirement for cloud compatibility.

“The Territory seeks to introduce a notebook that leverages a cloud-based environment without the need for a fully dedicated SOE based operating system. Rather, the Device can be pre-configured to a domain, through which it can access an authenticated user’s cloud-hosted profile,” according to tender documents.

The RFT also states the need for lightweight ultrabooks for the education sector, alongside general purpose devices.

Procurements through the hardware panel will form part of the ACT Government’s bid to “enhance the current infrastructure to provide a common environment for remote access and desktop PC hardware” and achieve increased workforce mobility. The scope for bring your own device initiatives and the development of a “single, optimised computing solution” is also included in the RFT.

Tenderers have the option of offering a leasing option across any of the categories, in addition to the required option for outright purchasing.

Submissions will close on 10 October 2013, with the evaluation process to be completed by November. Contracts are expected to be awarded by January 2014.

The new panel arrangements will be established for an initial term of three years, with a further option to extend by two years.

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