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AGIMO to be split in two

by Paris Cowan •
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The new year will see a restructured Australian Government Information Management Office.

The retirement of Australian Government Chief Information Officer (AGCIO) and AGIMO head Ann Steward has created the opportunity for the Department of Finance and Deregulation to split the Government’s peak ICT body functionally and create new reporting lines.

A spokesperson for the Department of Finance and Deregulation has today confirmed that the procurement and service delivery functions of John Sheridan’s Agency Services Division will be moved out of AGIMO and amalgamated with non-ICT procurement.

Sheridan will head the new Division, which will be named the Technology and Procurement Division (TPD), and which will absorb the existing Procurement Division. Sheridan will answer to the Deputy Secretary of a new Business Procurement and Asset Management Group, Jan Mason.

The other components of AGIMO – the whole-of-government policy and governance functions previously covered by Glenn Archer’s Policy and Planning Division – will continue to exist under the same title, albeit within a new Governance and Resource Management Group headed up by Deputy Secretary Stein Helgeby.

Archer will head the policy-focussed AGIMO, assuming Steward’s title as AGCIO, albeit at a First Assistant Secretary level (Steward was a Deputy Secretary within Finance).

When the restructure takes effect on 4 February 2013, Sheridan will become the Federal Government’s first Australian Government Chief Technology Officer (AGCTO) working closely with his colleague Archer.

He will also assume ICT and non-ICT procurement authority as Australian Government Procurement Coordinator.

 “The work of AGIMO has been diverging over time between two distinct areas: whole of government policy and governance, and whole of government services delivery (eg, networks, online, contract management).

“In practical terms, the AGCIO will have the resources of the current Policy and Planning Division and the AGCTO will have the Agency Services Division,” Archer and Sheridan have written in a co-authored post on the AGIMO Blog.

The split follows recommendations made by a Review of the Operational Activities and Structure of AGIMO conducted by Helen Williams and made public earlier in 2012.

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