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AGIMO releases Big Data Strategy

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The Australia Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) has released a Big Data Strategy intended particularly for senior government executives who find themselves having to deal with “the vast amount of data that is now being generated and captured in a variety of formats and from a number of disparate sources.”

The Strategy’s whole-of-government approach to Big Data has been endorsed by Secretaries' ICT Governance Board.

The Strategy covers key considerations for adopting and making better use of Big Data, including:

  • Service delivery;
  • Policy development;
  • Statistics;
  • Business and economic opportunities;
  • Skills;
  • Productivity benefits.

Three case studies highlighted in the Strategy indicate the results that are possible from the use of data analytics tools.   

The Strategy advocates that agencies “start small and consider bridging approaches” with a focus on “a culture of experimentation, adopting lean and agile methodologies to explore and deliver solutions.”

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