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Bureau of Statistics to recruit a new CIO

by Paris Cowan •
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The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has begun advertising to find itself a permanent Chief Information Officer, following on from the transfer of Jenine Borowik in August this year.

The position is also known within the Bureau as First Assistant Statistician, Technology Services Division, and will attract a salary between $183,346 and $212,916 (plus superannuation and allowances) per annum.

The role is currently being filled by long-time ABS employee Chris Duffy. Duffy has been Acting CIO since Jenine Borowik moved on from the role in August this year when she took up another executive position within the Bureau, First Assistant Statistician Integrated Collection and Dissemination Services Division.

She had held the CIO position for five years, and first joined the ABS in 1979.

The job advertisement says that the new CIO will have, “responsibility for ensuring that the ABS leverages information and communication technologies strategically to support its mission”.

“You will lead and manage a significant number of people and a large budget,” it says.

The successful candidate will be expected to take over the running of the Information Management Transformation Program, which the ABS believes “has the potential to be the most significant transformation of information infrastructure in over 30 years”.

The IMTP will involve the modernisation and standardisation of the Bureau’s ICT systems in order to facilitate the adoption of the Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX) and Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) data exchange standards.

“The IMTP aims to renew core business systems within the ABS and support its data management and business process standardisation strategies, well into the future,” said the ABS’s 2009-10 Annual Report.

The planning stages of the IMTP commenced in early 2011.

The ABS’s biggest ICT procurements of late have been associated with the expansion of eCensus capabilities. As part of the 2011 national Census, around 30 per cent of all participants lodged their census online using the eCensus tool. In 2008, the ABS signed $16.6 million worth of contracts with IBM for provision of the eCensus lodgement solution and application and hosting services.

Shortly after stepping into the new role, the successful candidate will also need to start planning for any changes that result from a major review of the Technology Services Division, which is due to be conducted before the end of the current financial year.

The review will assess whether the strategic and operational aspects of the division are suitably positioned to provide effective and efficient ICT services to the ABS well into the future.

“It will be important that the successful applicant brings a positive and constructive approach to the implementation of the agreed recommendations arising from this review,” say the application documents.

Applications for the position close at 6 pm on 10 November 2011.


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