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CASA on the look-out for new CIO

by Paris Cowan •
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The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is looking for a new Chief Information Officer, to replace Simon Denby who has been promoted to a position within the Office of the Director at the agency.

Tim Mackey, former Manager of IT Applications at CASA, is acting as CIO until the position is permanently filled.

“As a member of the Corporate Services Management Team, the Chief Information Officer will share responsibility for achieving the strategic direction set by the Director and for providing leadership to the organisation in reaching its goal of ‘safe skies for all,’” says the job advertisement.

The CIO will be responsible for the leadership and management of the Information Technology Branch of CASA’s Corporate Services division, and will answer to the Executive Manager of this division.

CASA is looking for candidates with a significant record of achievement when it comes to the management of knowledge and IT solutions, and with extensive senior management experience.

A spokesperson for the agency said that while there were a number of ICT projects underway at CASA – in which the soon-to-appointed CIO would play a key role – they were subject to a contracting process so the details remain commercial-in-confidence.

The agency’s 2009-10 Annual Report lists reports its total ICT expenditure for 2009 as $10.6 million and for 2010 as $9.1 million.

According to Intermedium’s  Analyse IT prospecting tool, ICT labour hire makes up a large portion of CASA’s ICT contracting.

It developed an ICT Strategic Plan in late 2010, with work on the plan due to have commenced in the 2010-11 financial year.

Prior to this, significant ICT initiatives undertaken by the agency included:

  • A capital replacement program, to ensure CASA maintains a modern suite of ICT infrastructure equipment;
  • The implementation of a data warehouse and business intelligence capability within CASA;
  • The development of an IT tool to support a nationally standardised risk-based surveillance methodology; and
  • A Regulatory Services Workflow Implementation Project, of which 18 of 50 documents builds were completed at 30 June 2010 and completion was due for December 2010.

Applications for the CIO position close 5 August 2011.


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