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CASA moves to digitise records

by Sam Murphy •
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The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is looking to outsource its records management services, including the digitisation of its physical records.

The move in part can be seen as a way of complying with the Coalition’s mandates for all agencies to move towards digital services.

The Coalition’s pre-election policy for E-Government and the Digital Economy specified that agencies must “find new ways to leverage technology, digital data and analytics to reduce costs, save time, generate new value or solve old problems.”

CASA’s move to digitise its records is in-line with this mandate. The agency has issued a Request for Tender (RFT) for Records, IT Media, Storage, Sentencing, Disposal and Digitisation Services.

RFT documents state that one of the key services included in the contract is “The provision of high speed digital scanning, imaging and optical character recognition (OCR) of documents”.

Another action stated in the Coalition’s E-Government Policy was “using digital data and technology to work smarter, and by doing so deliver higher quality, greater value or more output from a given set of inputs”.

In its 2012-13 Annual Report, CASA flagged “continuous improvement of organisational efficiency” as one of its key goals which included moving “to an all-electronic work environment”.

The RFT states that through digitising its records, CASA is aiming to assess “the retention value” of each physical record, before rendering a digital copy. Digital records will all be entered into CASA’s records management system.

The chosen supplier will also be required to store the agency’s IT media as well as perform basic file maintenance including, checking “items for sentencing against CASA’s database” and delivering “details of records via a spread sheet or other CASA-approved electronic information transfer mechanism to assist CASA staff to update CASA’s record management system”, according to the RFT.

A tender briefing will be held on 27 June 2014, with the RFT due to close on 21 July 2014.


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