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CenITex set to complete ICT consolidation

by Aleks Vickovich •
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The Victorian Government-owned Centre for IT Excellence (CenITex) will complete its consolidation of government departments in this financial year according to its annual report 2009-10. 

Since its inception in 2008, the shared services agency has sought to provide ICT infrastructure and services across Victorian government and to consolidate the ICT functions within these departments. 

In 2010-11, CenITex will expand to include management of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) and the four inner-budget agencies of Victoria Police, VicRoads, State Revenue Office and the Environment Protection Authority. 

This will complete CenITex’s consolidation of all 11 Victorian government departments, with the addition of the Department of Industry, Innovation and Regional Development (DIIRD), the Department of Human Services (DHS), the Department of Health (DH) and the Department of Justice (DoJ) in 2009-10.  In the 2009-10 year alone, the number of desktops supported by CenITex has increased from 13,756 to approximately 35,000, and more than 200 personnel have been transferred to CenITex.  The transition of staff and functions from these departments to CenITex will continue in this financial year.

CenITex Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Peter Blades has emphasised the benefits that a shared ICT environment will have across the state public sector.  “Economies of scale are now possible as incoming departments are integrated into CenITex and the benefits of sharing standardisation, reinvestment and innovation are realised,” he said in his contribution to the annual report.  Mr Blades added that CenITex has helped its “customer departments” to produce significant cost savings.

To support the consolidation, CenITex will implement “significant organisational change programs and initiatives” such as the Efficient Technology Services (ETS) program, which aims to reduce costs and increase productivity through investment in “better information security, access and desktop tools”.   CenITex received $28.9 million in funding for the ETS from the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance in February 2009. 

The other initiatives slated for the coming year are:

  • The launch of a new service delivery centre tool, Remedy, and five new processes in the first quarter of 2010-11;
  • The move of the one desktop pilot into production mode, with the rollout to customers scheduled for second quarter 2010-11;
  • Completion of the technology build, including network consolidation, identity and access management; and
  • Implementation of a whole of Victorian Government (WOVG) ICT infrastructure strategic supplier management strategy.

More broadly, the report states that CenITex’s short-term goals for the future are to:

  • “Transform service management maturity through IT Service Management (ITIL) to “lift performance to an industry-accepted standard and approach;
  • Implement enhanced capacity planning to ensures security and continuity of critical infrastructure delivery for our customers;
  • Better manage assets and suppliers to optimise efficiency, secure delivery and deliver unexpected benefits; and
  • Manage growth by having staff accessible to customers with relevant capabilities to meet challenges ahead”.

The report also outlines state-owned corporation’s ambition to “be a trusted advisor that our customers can consistently go to for advice” and to “build a culture of high performance with a strong focus on customer service”.

In terms of financial results, CenITex increased its total service provision to government from $68.5 million in 2009 to $97.6 million to 2010 and increased the total worth of assets from $44 million to $70.3 million. 

Mr Blades explained that “the mandate for CenITex as a shared service organisation is one of cost recovery, not profit. Cost recovery includes running a sustainable operation, such as appropriately replacing infrastructure. Therefore, the outcome indicates to our customers that we have performed to our mandate”.

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