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Commission of Audit information on APS size flawed

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A submission to the Senate Committee looking into the Government’s Commission of Audit has labelled a number of points in the Commission's Terms of Reference relating to the Public Service wrong, reports PS News. The terms claimed that the size of the Public Sector as well as the remit of some of its activities had expanded significantly over the last few years. Nadine Flood, the National Secretary of the CPSU said, "This is simply not factually correct”. "Twenty years ago the Australian Public Service employed 160,349 staff for an Australian population of 17.8 million; yet today there are 167,257 employees serving a population which has grown to 23.1 million… Clearly there is not an explosion in public sector numbers”, she said. Flood noted that without accurate information about the size and expansion of the APS, the Commission of Audit would not deliver any worthwhile recommendations.

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