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Contract 2020 extended by 12 months

by Paris Cowan •
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NSW State Contract 2020 for IT Services will be extended by up to 12 months to allow the Department of Finance and Services (DFS) to prepare for an approach to market to refresh the whole-of-government panel.

The existing contract, which commenced on 1 March 2009, expired at the end of February this year.

State Contract 2020 covers ICT Services procurement in over 30 categories, and lists 304 suppliers as panellists. It was the most used whole-of-government IT panel in NSW in 2010-11, facilitating more than $112.5 million worth of procurements over the period.

It was the seventh most used panel overall.

Contracts 2020A, for services related to the Government’s SAP, Oracle and Mincom systems, and 2020B, for Information Asset Management Software implementation, will also be renewed as part of the panel refresh.

The DFS advises that the approach to market to refresh the panel will take place at some point within the next 12 months, but as yet no deadline has been set.

The Department will also spend the months ahead deciding whether to extend Contract 2007A, for the procurement of Personal Computers and Notebook Computers, or whether to renew the panel membership through a fresh approach to market. In 2010-11, $105.8 million worth of hardware was procured through this panel. It expires on 30 April 2012.

The Department has also confirmed that Contract 2007B, which is a subset of Contract 2007A, remains inactive while it is under review. Contract 2007B covers the service component of installing and maintaining the State Government’s desktop hardware fleet.

As Intermediumreported in September last year, the scheduled renewal of the panel was postponed because it had attracted very little business, with most hardware services contracts being procured through the larger 2020 Panel instead.

If the contract is scrapped, Acer, Lenovo and Pioneer will find themselves worse off, as they are the only three Contract 2007B panellists not also included on the Contract 2020 panel.

Procurement reform, including potential changes to the governance of ICT panels, is high on the NSW Government’s agenda as it heads into 2012.

It has announced that it will dissolve the State Contracts Control Board and that it has many more reforms in mind, as outlined in a public discussion paper released in January.


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