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David Schneider joins top-tier of NSW CIOs

by Paris Cowan •
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David Schneider has become the latest addition to the shifting ranks of cluster-level Chief Information Officers within the NSW Government.

On 13 August he joined the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) as its first ever permanent CIO, taking the reins from Emily Morgan who has been filling the position on a temporary basis since January 2012.

It is the third NSW Government IT role he has taken on since joining the State’s public sector 15 years ago.

For Schneider the new job sees him promoted within the Department he has worked for since early last year. Prior to this appointment he served as Director, Information Management and Communications Technology at the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH), which was created as an entity within the DPC in April 2011.

The appointment marks a return to the top tier of NSW Government CIOs by Schneider, who previously headed IT at the former Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW).

In terms of seniority, he fell foul of Machinery of Government changes initiated by the newly elected O’Farrell Coalition in April 2011, which saw the DECCW abolished and its functions spread across other departments including the OEH within Premier and Cabinet.

The change meant that former DECCW Director General Lisa Corbyn was moved to the Chief Executive level, answering to DPC Director-General Chris Eccles, with the step-down continued across the former Department’s executive including Schneider’s division.

Schneider joined the DECCW in 2007 after more than eight years at the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority working as Manager of Enterprise IT Strategy and Application Development.

Between 1994 and 1999 he was employed by the University of NSW as Manager of MIS.

According to online profiles, Schneider has “specific expertise in the implementation of large scale business and technology transformation projects,” which will be crucial to when it comes to the transition of the Department’s corporate and IT services to a NSW shared services unit, be it ServiceFirst or its proposed replacement NewCo.

A position description released when the job was originally advertised in May also said that the CIO would focus upon improving ICT integration across the 32 agencies and two Departments inside the Premier and Cabinet cluster.

Schneider will report to Executive Director of Corporate Services John Clark.

He has already been sitting on the NSW Government’s ICT Leadership Group as a representative of the OEH for some months.

Elsewhere in the NSW Government Tim Catley has joined Transport for NSW as its newest CIO, and Malcolm Freame has been awarded the permanent CIO role at the Department of Finance and Services after acting in the position for nearly a year. Tim Hume took over as CIO at the Department of Family and Community Services in January 2012.

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