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Digital Government Readiness Indicator: The full report

by Poppy Johnston and Jeremy Blowes •
Free resource

Drawn by the promise of reduced costs and improved services to citizens, governments across Australia are making rapid progress in their digital transformation. Government agencies and departments are actively preparing for digital transformation through polices and strategies that facilitate the transition.

Intermedium's Digital Government Readiness Indicator rates the preparedness of each government jurisdiction in delivering citizen-centric digital services.

This comprehensive report breaks down the specifics behind the Indicator, explaining each jurisdiction's scores in detail. It is intended to provide a useful overview of each jurisdiction’s progress towards digital readiness, so that public officials can identify where targets are being met, and where there is room to improve further. 

Access the full Digital Government Readiness Report here.

  • Federal
  • IT Services
  • Software
  • Finance & Services
  • Human Services
  • Industry & Investment
  • PM / Premier & Cabinet
  • Policy
  • Treasury