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DMO seeks further refresh of its large Supplier Panel

by Andrew Starc •
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The Defence Material Organisation’s (DMO’s) purpose is to equip and sustain the Australian Defence Force (ADF).  As such, it has a vital role in delivering the Defence Capability Plan (DCP). 

The DMO issued a request for tender (RFT) on 23 March to “Refresh” the DMO Support Services Panel (DMOSS) established in November 2005, following a decision to rationalise the arrangements for the acquisition of services. 

Following the inclusion of new services categories, DMOSS covers a wide array of services, only one of which is for ICT “skill sets” on an “as required basis”.  The RFT documents state that “tenders can be submitted by the tenderer at any time” and that “each tender response will be completed within six months from the date that it is received”. 

This form of ‘open’ panel is often used in government (eg the previous Endorsed Supplier Arrangement).  The signing of the 2005 Australian USA Free Trade Agreement (FTA) fundamentally changed the way the Federal Government could procure goods.

Post FTA, if Federal Government ICT procurement is above $80,000, the procuring agency must:

  • Go to the full open market; or
  • First conduct an Expression of Interest (EIO) market test before engaging in a restricted tender process; or
  • First conduct an EIO or RFT market test to establish a panel from which a request for quotation process can be run with panellists without again needing to approach the open market.
    • A panel must either be either continuously open or periodically opened (at least once every three years) to new entrants.

According to the tender document, the ‘DMOSS Panel provides Defence and DMO projects, sustainment offices and other business units with access to Service Providers that have been assessed as providing value for money in the provision of specialist support services.’

It also states that ‘for the purposes of the DMOSS Panel, support services tasks are defined as being task based, outcome focused, performance oriented and short term in duration. ‘Time and Materials’ style contracting is discouraged under the DMOSS Panel and the Panel should not be used in lieu of (longer term) labour hire arrangements.

The DMOSS Panel is available to all business units in the DMO and Defence, and may also be accessed by other Commonwealth Government Agencies.

The DMO RFT is calling upon contractors to provide the following services: 

Technical Architecture Services

  • Determine ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ information system architectures
  • Conduct installation preparation
  • Develop enterprise business, information systems and technical reference models
  • Produce Defence Architecture Framework products and technical plans

Security Architecture Services

  • Conduct software and Information system threat risk assessments
  • Prepare system security procedures and support plans
  • Determine security solutions
  • Conduct disaster recovery/Business Continuity Planning
  • Provide security advice

System Design Services

  • Develop Operational Concept Documents for IT systems
  • Conduct process analysis
  • Develop architectures for systems including software, communications and hardware
  • Develop system and Software Design descriptions and specifications
  • Identify and document systems and software requirements and specifications

IT Infrastructure Support Services

  • Provide technical support for specialist applications and systems
  • Provide Web, Database and Server administration
  • Conduct data mining and reporting

Availability Management Services

  • Conduct system availability planning
  • Identify levels of IT Service availability
  • Conduct information systems availability inspections and audits
  • Provide performance management and monitoring

Service Level Management Services

  • Review existing services
  • Review the contacts of 3rd party Service Providers
  • Produce and monitor the Service Level Agreements
  • Implement service improvement policies and processes

Capacity Management Services

  • Conduct demand forecasting and management
  • Conduct Application sizing
  • Provide workload, performance and capacity monitoring
  • Conduct resource forecasting

Systems Development and Implementation Services

  • Provision of configured Information Systems
  • Conduct installation and commissioning
  • Software development, customisation and integration
  • Application of patches

Information System Technical Accreditation Services

  • Accreditation/certification planning
  • Assess system performance
  • Produce accreditation/certification documentation
  • Conduct System Performance Assessment
  • Produce Technical Design Review plans and reports

Systems and Software Engineering

  • Provide software engineering and management of large scale computer based systems
  • Provide engineering metrics, integration engineering, verification and validation, test and evaluation and technical performance measures.

Systems Architecture/Integration

  • Conduct process analysis
  • Develop architectures for systems including software, communications and hardware
  • Design and develop systems and integrate with other systems

Communications Network Engineering

Provide advice on data communications and network engineering, including in areas such as voice/video/data, wired and wireless networking, network management, and security as applicable to various types of area networks (LAN, MAN, WAN, etc).

Communications Engineering (RF/Tactical)

Provide RF/tactical communications engineering services associated with radio frequency and tactical communications systems.

Other service requirements outlined in the RFT documents include those relating to:

  • IT Service Desk Support;
  • Information Systems Problem Management Services;
  • IT Configuration Management Services;
  • IS Verification and Validation Services;
  • New System Software and Support Services;
  • Testing and Evaluation including Verification; and
  • Validation andSafety Management

The full DMO RFT can be viewed at:

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