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DTO gives first look at

by Justin Hendry •
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Nine weeks after the Digital Transformation Office embarked on their ambitious work program, the first prototype images of the Government’s new portal – – have surfaced.

The Alpha prototype – which is not yet a working service – was revealed by Head of Service Design Lisa Reichelt in a DTO blog post yesterday. is currently at stage two of the four stage Digital Service Standard service design and delivery process – Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live.

After considering “a range of common experiences that people have with government and the types of information and services they need”, the DTO decided to help address the challenge for those starting a new business and coming to work in Australia.

During the discovery process the DTO explored how a “collaborative and consistent approach to the design of services could radically improve usability,” she said. “We learned people often struggle to get a ‘mental model’ of everything that government needs them to know and do, because this information is often spread over several websites.”

“We’ve also explored a pattern that allows users to tell us a little about their circumstances and then we present relevant content and information…”

The prototype is yet to face the Digital Services Standard assessment process, which it must satisfy before entering the Beta and Live phases of service.

The DTO has indicated that it has engaged with digital SMEs during the five week design and build of the prototype.

The DTO is also working on a number of other projects with federal government departments, after receiving $254.7 million over four years in the 2015-16 Budget to drive forward the Digital Transformation Agenda.

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