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eDRMS emerges as latest cloud offering

by Pallavi Singhal •
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Electronic Document and Records Management Solutions (eDRMS) are emerging as the latest offering in the cloud space, with a number of agencies evaluating as-a-service alternatives to traditional systems.

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has approached the market for an eDRMS within its new managed services environment. The selected eDRMS application and infrastructure will be hosted by ASQA’s agency-wide managed services provider. The selected eDRMS vendor is expected to provide continuous support and software updates, and undertake any necessary collaboration with ASQA’s managed services provider, according to tender documents.

The selected eDRMS should be compatible with mobile devices and ASQA’s virtualised server and desktop environment. Access to the eDRMS is expected to be through the agency’s intranet.

Submissions close on 25 October 2013.

TAFE Queensland is also looking to move its existing TRIM eDRMS to a managed service environment, and issued a request for information (RFI) in September 2013. It currently holds HP TRIM licences for 500 users.

RFI documents indicated its intention to expand eDRMS usage across a greater proportion of its staff, enable access through desktops and mobile devices and provide collaboration capability with Microsoft SharePoint through a cloud-based solution.

The RFI, which closed on 14 October 2013, aimed to provide TAFE Queensland with estimated whole-of-life costs for moving to an eDRMS managed service product.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has also indicated its interest in shifting to a cloud-based solution. It contracted cloud services provider Kloud Solutions in September 2013 to undertake a high level review of scoping options for an eDRMS solution.

The Bureau approached the market for a traditional eDRMS system in 2010, and began digitising its paper records throughout 2011-12, suggesting that it has recently decided to revise its approach to document and records management.

Electronic document and records management solutions meet the criteria for a shift to cloud-based provision, as fairly standard software systems with minimal need for customisation.

Federal Government agencies have the option to procure eDRMS as-a-service through the whole-of-government Data Centre-as-a-service multi use list, following the addition of eDRMS cloud solutions provider iCognito in 2012.

Other suppliers to government agencies that offer eDRMS as-a-service include Objective, Fujitsu and InfoXpert.

National Archives of Australia (NAA), the lead agency in the implementation of the Federal Government’s Digital Transition Policy, has recognised the difficulties that smaller agencies may face in implementing eDRMS solutions.

“The very small agencies in particular would not have the resources to implement or manage an EDRMS and it may not suit all agencies for other reasons,” NAA’s Assistant Director-General, General Information Management told Intermedium in 2012.

NAA requires departments to meet self-assessed minimum requirements for recordkeeping by 2013 and work on expanding capability in future years.  

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