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Federal agencies score well on green report

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Last week, Fujitsu announced the results of its green survey of Federal Government agencies. Overall, government agencies scored well against their private sector counterparts.

The survey results were released at a government/industry breakfast event held last week at Old Parliament House.

“Only one year ago, federal government agencies were criticised by Gershon for paying inadequate attention to green issues, and there was a clear disconnect with government policy,” noted Kevin Noonan (Intermedium Head of Consulting). “Information being released today shows the industry has come a very long way since Gershon.”

A contextual framework was provided at the briefing by WWF-Australia CEO, Greg Bourne who outlined ICT can be a key enabler in achieving green savings.

Survey outcomes were reported by Fujitsu’s Director of Sustainability, Alison O’Flynn. The Fujitsu survey assessed “how Australian Government agencies are preparing for the emerging sustainable ICT aspirations and goals set out by the Australian Government”.

“The research clearly shows that Australian Government ICT managers have done far more in the measurement of ICTs power consumption, and in ensuring accountability for Green ICT, than their counterparts in the private sector”, the Fujitsu report noted.

In summary the report revealed:

  • ·         A higher level of concern for the environment by ICT managers compared to the general Australian population, and a higher level of concern by government ICT managers compared to their private sector counterparts;
  • ·         A strong linkage, in both private sector and government, between green ICT and “broader issues of reducing the carbon footprint of the whole organisation”;
  • ·         Government agencies were more likely to look to their CIO to provide this leadership;
  • ·         Almost 75% of Australia Government agencies have appointed a specific leader to the Green ICT role; and
  • ·         In about 50% of these cases the responsibility is with the CIO, and in most other cases, is it someone else who reports into the CIO.

The survey methodology provided separate indices for each of five key areas of green ICT:

End User ICT Efficiencies

This index includes use of energy efficient computer monitors, thin client technology, and powering down of PCs

  • Overall, government agencies provided an index rating of 50.3 compared to 43.3 for their private sector counterparts

Enterprise and Data Centre ICT Efficiencies

This index includes data centres and central computing.

  • Overall government rated significantly higher (43.2) than their private sector counterparts (30.5)

Green ICT Lifecycle

This index addresses the cradle to grave management of ICT resources, including reuse and recycling.

  • Government agencies (50.6) rated marginally behind their private sector counterparts (52.5). All sectors reported strong awareness of the importance for recycling and environmentally sound disposal practices.

Green ICT Measurement and Monitoring

Both sectors reported low scores, indicating significant room for improvement.

  • The Government score (37.0) was ahead of private sector ICT (31.6).

Usage of ICT as a Low-carbon enabler

This includes various innovative uses of ICT to improve overall green efficiency.

  • Government scored well (47.8) compared to private sector ICT (39.4).

This report is a significant step forward in developing a better understanding of specific Green ICT issues for the Australian ICT sector. Importantly, it provides a valuable window into Australian ICT, whereas many other surveys are based on overseas experience.

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