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Federal Election 2019: A Labor Government’s impact on the Federal ICT market

by Jack Le Guay •
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Attend our breakfast briefing on 23 May in Canberra for a detailed analysis of what is in store following the election - whichever party wins. 

Should Labor win, Intermedium will elaborate on a range of drivers, to outline the likely shape of the Federal ICT market, post-election. Some of Intermedium’s predictions are as follows:

Post-election transition: Expect ICT decision-making to be impeded. Only ICT initiatives arising from election promises are likely to be funded in Labor’s first budget, a mini-budget highly possible.

Spending history: The Coalition Government has spent considerably more per annum than the previous Labor Government. However, in their last period in Government, Labor announced and funded policy reforms requiring major ICT investments.

Attitude to the public sector: Labor favours retaining key public sector functions in-house. It is expected to place strong emphasis on privacy and security of records.

Defence: Labor has pledged to match the Coalition’s spending commitment to the 2016 Defence White Paper. 

Human Services: The Department of Human Services is expected to continue to digitally transform service delivery and payments through the Welfare Payment Infrastructure Transformation program.

Health & Aged Care: Labor expects to use data analytics to tackle societal problems. My Health Record will continue to attract funding.

Science, Technology & the Environment: Labor has promised a National Centre of Excellence for Artificial Intelligence, additional funding to the CSIRO and is making major commitments to addressing climate change.

Veterans’ Affairs: The current reform program is expected to continue and perhaps be expanded.

Home Affairs: Labor intends to review the structure and functions of the Department. Any MoG changes to the Department at this early stage of its amalgamation will have major ICT impacts. 

Cities & Regions: Labor will establish a ‘Major Cities Unit’ that will involve all levels of government to support smart cities and Internet of Things projects. It has announced a sizeable sum to a regional connectivity program for isolated communities.

Register now to join us on 23 May in Canberra for further analysis, and what a Labor win will mean for the ICT market.

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