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Federal Runner Up on Digital Government Leaderboard

by Cameron Sinclair •
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The Commonwealth was runner up in Intermedium’s 2022 Digital Government Readiness and Maturity Indicator Report (DGRMI), coming in just behind NSW.  

This article forms part of a series where each week Intermedium provides a dot point summary of the key factors behind each jurisdiction’s score.  

The federal government’s number two spot was a result of factors including:  

  • The strong leadership of Minister Stuart Robert, who held the Government Services portfolio after the May 2019 election, and retained responsibility for digital services through several cabinet reshuffles and a Machinery of Government change in 2021. His membership in the powerful Expenditure Review Committee (ERC) places digital transformation at the centre of budget decision making.  

  • The federal Digital Government Strategy was released in December 2021, restating a vision “for Australia to be one of the top three digital governments in the world by 2025”, which was stated (verbatim) in the previous strategy, released in November 2018. 

  • The four-stage Digital and ICT Investment Oversight Framework. 

  • The Whole of Government Architecture that provides guidance to agencies to procure digital capabilities.  

  • The Federal Government has corralled considerable resources and investments into deregulation, largely overseen by Minister for the Public Service, Ben Morton. This includes recruiting Randall Brugeaud from the DTA to lead the Simplified Trade System Implementation Taskforce

  • Improving career pathways with the introduction of Professions streams.

  • Consistent high budget allocation towards digital and ICT, for example, the 2021-22 budget’s  package to support the Digital Economy Strategy.  

Click here to read a complimentary summary of the Digital Government Readiness and Maturity Indicator report. It details the methodology and criteria used to determine the results. The full report can also be purchased from Intermedium by contacting

*Since 2016, Intermedium has provided a ‘no place to hide’ report on the jurisdictional digital transformation leaders and laggards. The 2022 report measures Whole of Government (WofG) progress on digital government readiness ‘enablers’ - digital strategies, policies, institutions, and governance arrangements. As of 2022, it also measures digital government maturity progress toward a government that is digital by design, user- and data-driven, operates as a platform and is open by default. 

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