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Future in doubt for Whole-of-NSW-Government hardware services panel

by Paris Cowan •
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The NSW Department of Finance and Services (DFS) will postpone the renewal of State Contract 2007B to make way for a comprehensive review of the underperforming panel and decide whether it has a future within the NSW procurement framework.

The term of the contract expired in August this year, but rather than extending the deal or re-approaching the market, DFS has opted to spend some time weighing up its options with regard to the panel.

Covering the supply of services associated with the state government’s desktop hardware fleet, Contract 2007B has seen very little business since its inception in May 2007, said a spokesperson for the DFS.

One of the key issues facing suppliers on Contract 2007B is that its scope overlaps with that of the whole-of-NSW-Government IT Services Contract 2020.

The 2020 Panel has 307 members competing for a slice of $90 million worth of IT Services work, across 33 different categories of supply. Owing to the size and scope of the panel, government purchasers have the option of using a custom-built e-Portal to access services through the arrangement.

In contrast, the 2007B panel exists as a subset of the state contract for Personal Computers, Notebook Computers and Associated Services for the whole-of-NSW-Government.

It covers six categories:

  1. Installation;
  2. Loading of SOE;
  3. Loading of other software applications;
  4. Decommissioning;
  5. Disposal services; and
  6. Out-of-warranty repairs.

ITS Contract 2007 has a total of 11 approved suppliers. Of these, the following eight are approved to supply services under 2007B:

  1. Acer;
  2. ASI;
  3. Corporate Express;
  4. Dell;
  5. Fujitsu;
  6. Hewlett-Packard;
  7. Lenovo; and
  8. Pioneer.

Eight whole-of-NSW-Government IT services contracts were phased out when Contract 2020 was first established in 2009.  Many other panel contracts have also been rationalised over the last five years, showing that NSW Procurement is not at all averse to eliminating contracts it views as failing to perform.

The axing of 2007B would be of little consequence to the five of its members which also hold a place on Contract 2020 – ASI; Corporate Express; Dell; Hewlett Packard and Fujitsu – as they already have access to the broader government IT services market in the state.

However the remainder – Acer, Lenovo and Pioneer – are not members of 2020. These suppliers would find any out-of-warranty maintenance and support of their hardware in NSW agencies being sourced through the 2020 Panel if Contract 2007B was dissolved.

The current Contract 2020 Panel expires on February 2012, and if it were opened to the market at this point the three suppliers not on 2020 might chose to contest a position on it.

On the telecommunications front, three of the whole-of-NSW Government Telecommunications Agreements (GTAs) will expire in March 2012. These include:

  • GTA 3 – Fixed Voice Services;
  • GTA 4 – Mobile, Satellite and Paging Products and Services
  • GTA 5 – Telecommunications Systems and Services

Contract 2007S for the supply of Servers and Associated Services also expired in August this year. A DFS spokesperson has informed Intermedium that this panel has been extended until August 2012.


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