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Government ICT projects in NSW to benefit as a result of Jobs Summit

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The focus in future will be on investing in ICT job creation, according to the Government response to industry recommendations arising from the Jobs Summit.  This may include fast tracking Government ICT projects.

The NSW Government has released its response to the NSW Jobs Summit, a series of roundtables held on February 26-27 2009.  The aim of the Summit was to foster job creation and cushion the state from the effects of the Global Financial Crisis

Over 250 businesses participated and made recommendations.  The Government invited the following people from the ICT industry to join the ICT Roundtable.




Rob Fitzpatrick

Director of Commercialisation


Nick Wilkinson

President & Chief Executive Officer

CSC Australia Pty Ltd

Karim Temsamani

General Manager Australia

Google Australia

Sara Watts


IBM Australia Limited

Tony Wright

Managing Director

Cisco Systems Australia Pty Ltd

Varun Kapur

General Manager

TATA Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS)

Andrew McLean

Channel Manager

Intel Australia Pty Ltd

Mary Brittain-White

Managing Director

Retriever Communications

Phillip Bullock


Skills Australia

Tim Sheed


Regional Development Advisory Council (inc MRDB)

John Ridge

Executive Director

Australian Computer Society Foundation (ACS)

Michel Hedley

NSW Executive Officer

Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA)

Graeme Head

Director General

NSW Dept of Commerce (DoC)

Michael O'Sullivan


NSW Dept of State & Regional Development (DSRD)

The ICT Roundtable made comment on procurement impediments and the Response indicated that procurement reform is now on the agenda.  Significant change has been occurring in NSW Procurement for some time, including an effective clean sweep of its senior ranks and a number of new hires with commercial procurement experience.  It will be interesting to see what changes.

The Response also discusses streamlining of panel contracts.  Again, this has been discussed previously, so it remains to be seen what the changes will be and when they will occur.

The other major point covered in the Response is the intention to bring forward ICT projects that will foster job creation.  It will do this by two key undertakings.

Firstly, by investigating options for the consolidation of its data centres, and the support needed to run them.  While not a direct response to the Job Summit, this is the first official statement from the Government confirming the data centre initiative has been approved and will proceed.  This is likely to benefit the construction industry at least as much as it will the ICT industry, making it a particularly attractive response to put forward to the Job Summit.

Of more interest though is the statement that the Government Chief Information Office will identify projects in NSW agencies that can be brought forward to ensure Government efficiency and create jobs.  According to one source inside Government, “No one is talking savings any more – it is all about the creation of jobs”.

Given that the State is now in the lead up to the first Rees Government’s budget, it is unlikely that any concrete information will emerge about these projects until the 6 June budget.

According to the Response Document, during this time, the Government will work with industry and consider:

  • Fast tracking other Government ICT projects to promote job creation
  • Additional targeted assistance programs for companies
  • Undertaking a dialogue with the Industry through the ICT Industry Action Plan process to identify ICT specialties in which NSW has a long-term and sustainable competitive advantage and NSW Government could consider further investment.

NSW Premier Nathan Rees said the purpose of the Summit was to provide “a forum for industry and Government to exchange ideas and set a blueprint for action for the State Government over the next 12 to 18 months”.

For those in the industry who missed out on having a say in the Jobs Summit process, the Department of Premier and Cabinet will continue to take ideas and suggestions on job creation from industry over the next 3 months.

Suggestions can be emailed to

Intermedium will continue to research this area and it will feature as a key part of our April 30 Half-year Executive Briefing in NSW.

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