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Hewlett Packard Managed Services Contract at Agriculture to extend to 2017

by Intermedium •
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The Department of Agriculture has confirmed to Intermedium that its contract with Hewlett Packard for the provision of Managed IT Services, which expires on 27 June 2014, is to be extended for a period of 3 years. 

The current contract, which commenced on 27 June 2009 with the then EDS, has a value of $96 million, suggesting an approximate value of $24 million per annum for the extension period.

Agriculture’s 2009-10 Annual Report listed the services to be provided under the contract as:

  • Help desk services and management of all ICT-related problems;
  • Provision of desktop computers, laptops, printers and other hardware;
  • Provision of desktop computer movements, additions and changes;
  • Management of the department’s servers and core network infrastructure; and
  • New ICT project proposals, solution design and project execution.

The then EDS replaced CSG as Agriculture’s managed ICT service provider and according to the Report, continues to deliver the same IT services previously provided by CSG.

In the next three years the main challenge for Agriculture and Hewlett-Packard will be the implementation of Agriculture’s ICT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture Program.

A spokesperson confirmed with Intermedium in February 2014 that it has plans to approach the market for the development of its Information Architecture (which is part of its larger Enterprise Architecture Program) but that it “will be done next Financial Year [ie 2014-15] through an appropriate Government panel”.


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