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How will Sydney Water spend $58 million in 2011-12?

by Paris Cowan •
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Sydney Water has been allocated $58.5 million worth of ICT capital funding from the 2011-12 NSW Budget, part of an $820 million program of work which stretches 21 years from 2011 to 2022.

A spokesperson for the water corporation has outlined to Intermedium the key projects that will receive the bulk of this funding in the current financial year.

Sydney Water Information Management Program (SWIM)

Sydney Water’s $24 million SWIM program was launched to replace a disparate number of document management systems with a single streamlined information sharing capability.

Phase two of the program is underway in 2011-12. The current phase will see a rationalised document management system deployed across corporation encompassing a single document lifecycle, classification, storage and disposal scheme.

The rationalised system aims to reduce the number of redundant versions of documents that the corporation stores and to capture those records, such as email, that are otherwise challenging to classify and retain.

Sydney Water completed stage one of the SWIM Program in 2010-11. This involved the implementation of an enterprise search tool across the new system, its TRIM records management system and its internal staff directory.

According to the Auditor-General Peter Achterstraat, stage one exceeded its $6.9 million budget by $3 million when Sydney Water was presented with a need to procure all the software licences for the multi-stage program in a single suite.

This additional expenditure will come out of the phase two budget as a result.

Website Redesign

Sydney Water will replace its current website with a new design and improved functionality. It aims to simplify navigation and to tailor website content to its different types of users.

Microsoft Office Upgrade

Sydney Water will replace its existing MS Office 2000 suite with MS Office 2010.

Server Platform Refresh

A refresh of the existing infrastructure platform is required to allow for future growth and to mitigate hardware failure.

This program of work follows a busy 2010-11 at Sydney Water.

“Sydney Water IT delivered $68.8 million of IT capital projects during 2010/2011. These projects comprised renewal of IT application and infrastructure assets, and provision of new IT capabilities to enable business improvements,” said a spokesperson.

Some of the major projects completed include:

  • Phase one of the $69 million Customer Management System;
  • The Security Zones project aimed at securing Sydney Waters Corporate, IICATS and SCADA networks;
  • Phase one of the SWIM Program; and
  • Phase one of the $2.9 million Identity Management Program.

Sydney Water also completed its troubled Maximo consolidation in the 2010-11 financial year.

Originally budgeted at $18 million, the project to consolidate the water corporation’s asset management systems had cost more than twice this sum by November 2010, according to the NSW Auditor-General.

“The main cause for the revised delivery date is the additional effort required for the development and testing of Hydra, Sydney Water's geographic information system,” he said in his 2010 report to Parliament.

The project involved the implementation of IBM’s Maximo v7 asset management software, with Fujitsu appointed as the primary systems integrator.

All things going to plan, Sydney Water will have spent $418 million of its $820 million ICT capital funding by the end of 2011-12. This leaves the corporation with $402 million to fund the remaining 11 years of its ICT program.


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