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ICT consultation unveils the NSW Government’s priorities for 2013-14

by Paris Cowan •
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The NSW Government has once again turned to the public for suggestions on how it can meet its ICT ambitions, and in doing so has opened a window of insight into its plans and priorities for the 2013-14 year.

The Department of Finance and Services (DFS) has issued a draft of its 2013 ICT Strategy Implementation Update to the Have Your Say website and is calling for feedback.

According to the document Service NSW reforms, the expansion of the ICT Services Catalogue, Open Data ,Open Government, and the development of a comprehensive ICT procurement plan are all key priorities for the next 12 months – the second phase of implementation of the State’s ICT Strategy.

It reveals that the next steps in the Service NSW journey are likely to focus on ways that participating agencies can securely share data so that customers only have to notify the Government once of changes in their circumstances.

It is an ambition shared by a number of other jurisdictions as customer expectations of service delivery grow.

As an example of the top level of funding that these sorts of activities can potentially attract, the Federal Department of Human Services was granted $157.6 million over four years in the 2011-12 Commonwealth Budget to give its customers (across Medicare, Centrelink etc.) the option of managing all of their accounts online, with a ‘tell us once’ information sharing capability.

The draft implementation plan has also foreshadowed an expansion of the Government’s ICT Services Catalogue, which presently exists as an electronic register of goods and services available under the various ICT State Contracts. Executive Director of Strategic Policy at DFS, William Murphy has indicated in the past that the likely trajectory for the catalogue will be towards a government app store, modelled on the UK’s pioneering cloudstore.

The composition of an expanded ICT Services Catalogue is also likely to be informed by the Government’s recent approach to market to gauge industry interest in supplying as-a-service products to agencies from within its two purpose-built data centres.

The future of the State’s ICT procurement will also be influenced by a category management strategy currently being developed by the Procurement and Technical Standards Working Group. ICT was one of seven purchasing categories singled out for tailored planning by the Government in its procurement Strategic Directions Statement last November.

The implementation of the category management plan will fall under the authority of the ICT Board, and will be structured around four sub-categories: hardware; software; telecommunications; and services.

Other things to look out for in the next 12 months include:

  • A ‘Digital Strategy’ for the establishment of open government;
  • A NSW Government cloud policy;
  • Guidelines to support virtualisation and rationalisation under the Data Centre Reform program;
  • An e-reporting portal; and
  • A NSW Government location intelligence strategy.

Interested stakeholders have been specifically encouraged to share their ideas on ICT activities the public service could undertake to enhance its capability, transparency and engagement with industry.

“I encourage people to have their say on our approach and put their ideas forward on what can be achieved now and in the future.

“The consultation findings will be used to build on actions that have been delivered as part of the Government’s ICT reform program,” said Finance and Services Minister Greg Pearce in a statement.

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