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Intermedium’s 2010-11 Victorian Budget Briefing spots biggest ICT winners

by Paris Cowan •
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Intermedium’s Victorian Budget Briefing, held in Melbourne on 16 June 2010, revealed the details of Victoria’s $343 million ICT capital budget allocation as identified from an analysis of the 2010-11 budget papers.

Together with an estimated ICT operational expenditure budget of $1.44 billion this brings Intermedium’s estimate of the Victorian Government ICT budget up to a total of $1.78 billion.

The presentation outlined each of the 77 funded initiatives identified in the budget papers, of which just 14 are new, and 63 are ongoing initiatives.

The biggest ICT capital allocation for 2010-11 went to the Department of Transport with $176 million including an $81 million allocation to the ongoing Myki transport initiative in the coming the financial year.

The next highest capital allocation went to Department of Justice with $36.3 million allocated to 11 initiatives including four new initiatives.  As with the previous budget, Justice shows a continued focus on supporting emergency services with $3.8 million slated for the Triple 0 equipment upgrade.

The Department of Treasury and Finance at $35.9 million had the third highest ICT allocation including $11.9 million going to the ongoing Efficient Technology Services initiative.

Speaking at the event Intermedium Senior Associate Jane Treadwell described the dampening impact of the upcoming Victorian election on the Government’s appetite for big ticket ICT projects.

She said that with an election looming in November the Victorian Government is currently focussed on ensuring it is seen to have delivered on its 2006 election commitments rather than on starting new projects.

Intermedium’s Victorian Budget Briefing is held each year for the benefit of industry and government personnel who are looking to gain insight into this state’s Government ICT market, and the trends and opportunities that emerge from it.

The information presented at the briefing is the result of a forensic analysis of the full set of Victorian Budget papers by Intermedium,which is navigated and explained by an experienced specialist in the government marketplace.

The briefing drew heavily on the data contained in Intermedium’s budget IT-Victoria tool.

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