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Nationwide tech support wanted for all Senators and MPs

by David Shi •
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A single supplier could soon be responsible for IT support and maintenance across all of the Federal electorate offices in the country, under a request for tender (RFT) recently released by the Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS).

According to the Provision of Electoral Office IT (EOIT) Support RFT, the Department is seeking a suitable candidate capable of providing on-site software and hardware support at approximately 260 DPS-authorised locations nationwide. The list of approved sites includes the offices of all Australian Federal Senators and MPs.

Other locations include the offices of former Prime Ministers Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, John Howard and Gough Whitlam.

The successful bidder will be offered a three-year contract which will commence in May 2012. The contract will also be supplemented with two extension options of one year duration each.

Due to the nationwide reach of IT support services specified under the tender, joint consortiums, part and alternate tenders will also be considered by the Department.

According to the tender documents, the DPS intends to source IT hardware and software for the offices through the applicable whole-of-government panels.

The services that are to be provided under the IT support contract include:

  • Support Services;
  • Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC) to software/equipment;
  •  Service Request and Project Services;
  • Account Management and;
  • Technology Refresh.

Support services include the maintenance of desktop and notebook computers and corresponding peripherals, monitors, printers, fileservers and uninterruptible power supplies. Warranty-covered equipment procured under Whole-of-Government panel arrangements will also be serviced by the successful applicant.

The tender documents specify that whilst service requests “generally do not involve complex activities,” project services are more complex in nature and will require a project management effort in order to be successfully delivered.

The DPS entered into a Standing Offer Arrangement for Electorate Office IT Support with Wizard Corporate Training in September 2011, which had a term of just three months. Only one contract, worth $67,100, was published against this SOA in the period.

More indicative of the likely value of a contract arising out of this approach to market is the deal struck between CSG and the DPS in October 2011 for the provision of Electorate Office IT. The contract has a value of $2.8 million for a term of just under one year.

In August 2010 Optus won a 12 month contract with the Department of Finance and Deregulation for the supply of telecommunications to electorate offices, at a value of just over $8 million. Upon the expiry of this contract Optus signed with the DPS to provide Electorate Office Telecommunications Services for six months at a value of $7.9 million.

Tender applications are due by 26 April 2012, 2pm EST.


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