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New desktop hardware CUA on the way for WA

by Pallavi Singhal •
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The Western Australian Department of Finance plans to replace the State’s existing whole-of-government panel, or common use agreement (CUA) for desktop hardware with a new, more  flexible buying arrangement that will allow emerging technologies to be added throughout the term of the contract.

Once in place, a new Computing Devices CUA will replace the $190 million mandatory CUA 25708 for Notebook and Personal Computers, which has recently been extended out to February 2015.

The scope of the new panel will include all devices currently available under CUA 25708, and will likely be expanded to also include tablets, hybrids, notebooks, desktops, all-in-ones, ultrabooks and workstations.

This suggests that existing suppliers under CUA 25708 are likely to stay on the panel, alongside some new names.

Buying rules for the new arrangement will allow agencies to procure devices that are not available on the existing catalogue by directly requesting quotations from suppliers when the ‘Pick and Buy’ list doesn’t meet their needs. The CUA is also expected to include the option of adding products to the scope of the panel as they appear on the market.

“This will allow the CUA to cater for any technological advances so that it continues to provide up to date products,” said contract developer, the WA Department of Finance’s Ivor Lee.

The contract development team will look at best practice examples from across the country to shape the new CUA, according to a Finance media release.

The currently operating panel, CUA 25708, was established in February 2010. Tablet and hybrid computers were added to the scope of the agreement in May 2012, at an additional value of $40 million.

Under the existing CUA, agencies are able to procure:

  • Government standard personal and notebook computers;
  • Student, business and professional, and travel standard notebook computers;
  • Tablet computers; and
  • Hybrid computers.

The following vendors are currently approved to supply devices under CUA 25708 to WA Government agencies:

  1. Acer
  2. CDM
  3. Datacom Systems
  4. Datanet
  5. Dell
  6. EDsys Computers
  7. Fujitsu
  8. Hewlett-Packard
  9. Lenovo

10. Panasonic

11. Toshiba

12. Xcitelogic

Major contracts that have been signed through CUA 25708 include a $45 million Department of Health deal with CDM and Acer for personal computers and services, and a $15 million deal between the Department of Education and Acer and Toshiba for netbook devices.

WA Education has also signed a number of high-value deals with Apple for notebooks and tablets that are outside the scope of the current CUA, including an $11 million contract for Apple notebook computers and services in February 2010 and a $4.5 million contract for iPads and support.

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