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New Faces in NSW Ministry

by Staff Writers •
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NSW Premier Morris Iemma’s new cabinet was sworn in today (Monday), including 10 new faces, some of them newly-elected MPs. Iemma said it is "The biggest injection of new talent, new energy and new blood into a government, with 10 new ministers."

A number of significant portfolios remain unchanged - Treasury (Michael Costa), Roads (Eric Roozendaal), Transport (John Watkins), Planning (Frank Sartor). However, there are new appointments to key ministries such as Health (Reba Meagher), Education (John Della Bosca), and Commerce (Eric Roozendaal).

The new Ministers will want to stamp their authority, and there may be some changes to policies and priorities, so expect some changes within your client agencies. Some departments will undergo restructuring and staff changes that will take time to complete. However, due to the NSW Government’s budgetary situation, overall spending is unlikely to increase. Those areas that were the focus of the election – education, water, transport, police, health – are likely to benefit from any re- allocation of resources.

Newly elected members brought straight into the Ministry include Phil Koperberg who takes up the new Climate Change, Environment and Water portfolio. Nathan Rees has been appointed Minister for Emergency Services and Water Utilities. Another new MP, Verity Firth, becomes Minister for Women and will act as an assistant to the Ministers for Health and Climate Change. Matt Brown takes on Housing and Tourism, Kevin Greene will be Community Services Minister and Kristina Keneally will be the new Minister for Ageing and Disabilities. Paul Lynch has been made Local Government and Aboriginal Affairs Minister and Graham West becomes Gaming and Racing Minister.

Other changes include:

  • John Della Bosca has added Education to his portfolio but dropped Commerce
  • Former Health Minister John Hatzistergos has been promoted to Attorney-General
  • Reba Meagher has been promoted from Community Services to the high profile Health portfolio
  • David Campbell moves from Water Utilities to Police
  • Deputy Premier John Watkins will give up the Police Ministry but retain Transport and take on Finance.
  • Primary Industry Minister Ian Macdonald adds Energy to his portfolios.

Some previous Ministers were casualties of the reshuffle. Former Energy Minister, Joe Tripodi has been demoted to Small Business but retains Ports and Waterways. Tony Kelly loses Emergency Services & Juvenile Justice but retains Lands & Rural Affairs. Former Fair Trading Minister Diane Beamer, Local Government Minister Kerry Hickey and Gaming & Racing Minister Grant McBride were dumped from Cabinet in the reshuffle.

Iemma, Morris - Premier, Minister for Citizenship

Watkins, John - Deputy Premier, Minister for Transport, Finance

Brown, Matthew - Housing, Tourism

Burney, Linda - Fair Trading, Youth, Volunteering Campbell,

David - Police, The Illawarra

Costa, Michael - Treasurer, Infrastructure, The Hunter

Della Bosca, John - Education, Industrial Relations, The Central Coast

Firth, Verity - Women, Science and Medical Research, Minister Assisting the Minister for Health (Cancer), Minister Assisting the Minister for Climate Change (Environment)

Gibson, Paul - Sport, Western Sydney, Minister Assisting the Minister for Roads (Road Safety)

Greene, Kevin - Community Services

Hatzistergos, John - Attorney General, Justice, Juvenile Justice

Kelly, Tony - Lands, Rural Affairs, Regional Development

Keneally, Kristina - Ageing, Disabilities

Koperberg, Phil - Climate Change, Environment, Water

Lynch, Paul - Local Government, Aboriginal Affairs, Assisting the Minister for Health (Mental Health)

Macdonald, Ian - Primary Industries, Energy, Mineral Resources, State Development

Meagher, Reba - Health

Rees, Nathan - Emergency Services, Water Utilities

Roozendaal, Eric - Roads, Commerce

Sartor, Frank - Planning, Redfern-Waterloo, Arts

Tripodi, Joe - Small Business and Regulatory Reform, Ports and Waterways

West, Graham - Gaming and Racing, Minister Assisting the Premier on Citizenship

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