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NSW Attorney General’s Department makes $2.7m EDRMS decision

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Objective Corporation has announced it has won a contract to supply the NSW Attorney-General’s Department (AGs). NSW Budget papers suggest this is likely to be AGs’ Electronic Document Records Management System (EDRMS) project, a project funded over two years to a total value of $2.7m, of which $1.5m is forecast to be spent in 2008-09.

The AGs contract is likely to be the last awarded under the old NSW Government’s Government Selected Application System (GSAS) period panel contract which covered document and records management as well as imaging and workflow solutions. This contract was replaced by the Information Asset Management Systems (IAMS) GSAS contract in mid July 2008.

One of 10 suppliers on the IAMS panel, Objective was one of three members of the previous GSAS panel. It is understood Objective won the first contract issued under the IAMS arrangement, as well as some subsequent ones, but is unable to further comment on any of these because they have not yet been finalised.

18 functionality components can be delivered off the IAMS panel to cater to a five stage maturity model developed by Commerce. The first stage is ‘Basic IAMS' which consists of hardcopy storage and retention / electronic control (including discovery) whilst the fifth stage is ‘sophisticated IAMS’. In addition to all lower level capabilities, 'Sophisticated IAMS’ covers collaboration capability and knowledge management.

Despite including such capability in the IAMS contract, it is becoming increasingly difficult to see where the NSW Government will avail itself of high-end information asset management capability in 2008-09. On 25 August, NSW Commerce told the medium the Government Chief Information Office (GCIO) has no plans to purchase software for the NSW Government portal.

Given that future enhancements to the portal were promised at its launch by (then) Minister for Commerce, Eric Roozendaal, it is reasonable to surmise the GCIO is becoming seriously interested in Open Source solutions as an alternative to software purchase from an IAMS panel member. This has been hinted at in the past and it is difficult to see how the GCIO hopes to implement the functionality it has promised in the portal without recourse to Open Source software, short of in-house development, which is unlikely.

This Objective win is one of three EDRMS opportunities funded in the NSW Government’s 2008-09 Budget. The others are a project commenced in 2007 at the Department of the Arts, Sport and Recreation with a total value of $2.265m, and a project indicated in the Budget papers to commence in 2008-09 at the Department of Commerce, with a CAPEX of $3.359m. For the rest of the market, the year seems destined to comprise handfuls of additional (typically records management) licences, and annual maintenance fees.

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