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NSW expands GovDC presence

by Poppy Johnston •
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Two new data halls have been added to the New South Wales Government’s GovDC facility to meet an increase in demand, said Executive Director of Government Technology Platforms Simon Geraghty.

The Metronode-built GovDC data centres are located at two sites, one in Silverwater and another in Unanderra, and are designed to accommodate government agencies and industry providers who wish to provide on-premise cloud services.

The expansion of the data centre facilities coupled with the reduction in cost of entering the GovDC Marketplace may lead to more suppliers entering the GovDC program.

Mr Geraghty had previously told Intermedium that the data centre reform project is approaching capacity. Although the NSW Government’s Data Centre Reform was ‘finalised’ on 31 August 2017, Geraghty said the program will continue to evolve.

As of September 2017, an estimated 50 suppliers had joined the two GovDC data centres, as well as the ten big cluster departments and agencies.

The Department of Finance, Services and Innovation has already cut the costs of entering the GovDC Marketplace to attract a larger pool of suppliers.

“For the industry, the entry cost was to pay for space and the Services Backbone. That was a real challenge when we started out some years ago,” said Geraghty back in September.

“Now, we’ve lowered the cost of entry for a supplier. That makes it substantially cheaper to join the Marketplace supported by connectivity through the Managed Services Backbone, and provides a multi-tenancy environment for agencies and service providers.”

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