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NSW Government opens applications for ICT Advisory Panel

by Pallavi Singhal •
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The NSW Government is looking for a new Chair and four new members for its ICT Advisory Panel that is comprised of industry members and provides high-level advice on ICT trends and public sector strategy.

Minister for Finance and Services Andrew Constance today opened nominations for five positions on the Advisory Panel and all seven positions on the NSW Procurement Board’s Industry Advisory Group, which provides advice to the Board on market engagement and procurement practices.

“The NSW Government is looking for ICT experts with the right experience, knowledge, skills and commitment to position NSW as a leader in the use of ICT to improve service delivery,” said Constance.

The ICT Advisory Panel was established in 2011 as part of the NSW Government’s reforms to ICT governance arrangements.

The Panel provides advice to the NSW Government’s ICT Board on “emerging trends in the industry and research sector, and ICT best practice”. It has been involved in the development of the NSW Government ICT Strategy 2012, the associated Implementation Update 2013-14 and the NSW Government ICT Strategic Framework.

The Chair of the Panel also sits on the ICT Board, which is responsible for the development and implementation of the whole-of-government ICT Strategy, investment decisions and oversight of various ICT working groups, and is comprised of Directors-General from nine Government departments.

The current Panel members are:

  • John Baird (Chair), Head of Production at Deutsche Bank;
  • Phil Cronin, Managing Director at Intel;
  • Barry Dietrich, Enterprise Sales Director at;
  • Bob Hayward, CTO at CSC;
  • Ian Oppermann, Director at the CSIRO ICT Centre;
  • Jane Treadwell, CEO of the Centre for Excellence in Public Sector Design;
  • Barbara Reed, Director at Recordkeeping Innovation;
  • Lee Barnett, CIO at AMP; and
  • Dr Steve Hodgkinson, Research Director at Ovum.

“Our reform agenda is on track and we have accomplished a great deal in the past year. I appreciate the support offered by current panel members in helping to make our vision for ICT reform a reality,” said Constance.

“The ICT Advisory Panel has provided government with invaluable advice from an industry perspective on matters as diverse as cloud services, open data, information management, ICT procurement, social media, and new ICT sourcing models.”

Minister Constance also noted some of the main things on the Government’s agenda for 2013-14 that it will seek the advice of the panel on.

“Technical standards and working more closely with industry and future directions for ICT hardware and software are just some of the government’s priorities for 2013-14,” he said.

The Federal Coalition Government has also indicated its intention to establish an industry-led ICT Advisory Board in its Policy for E-Government and the Digital Economy. The Board will potentially provide advice to the Secretaries’ ICT Governance Board (SIGB).

Constance has also announced the opening of all seven positions on the Industry Advisory Group.

The Group was established in February 2013 to provide advice to the newly formed NSW Procurement Board on the ongoing procurement reform, which has included the introduction of ‘continuously open’ panel schemes, simplified contracting frameworks and a greater emphasis on small and medium enterprises.

“The Group provides a private sector perspective on innovative approaches to government procurement. It has accomplished a great deal, particularly on a framework for government agencies to engage with the market in an innovative and transparent way,” said Constance.

“The procurement Industry Advisory Group is part of the overarching governance structure that is reshaping the relationship between government and suppliers to Government.”

The outgoing members of the Advisory Board are:

  • Garry Browne (Chair), CEO and Managing Director at Stuart Alexander & Co;
  • Peter North AM, Chairman of Streeton Consulting;
  • Trudy Vonhoff, Non-executive Director at AMP Bank;
  • Alan Bennett, General Manager & Vice President at HP Enterprise Services;
  • Irina Zvereva, Corporate Counsel at Caltex Australia Group;
  • James North, Partner at Corrs Chambers Westgarth; and
  • Adrian Best, Director at Synerge.

Membership appointments to both the ICT Advisory Panel and Industry Advisory Group will be for a maximum of 12 months, and will include additional opportunities to participate in working groups. Expressions of interest close on 20 December 2013.

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