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NSW Information Technology Panel Contracts - Clarifications and Updates!

by Staff Writers •
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In last week’s issue of the medium, we provided a status report on the current number of NSW Period Panel Contracts under the Information Technology category on the NSWbuy site.

This week, we provide some clarifications and updates as there have been changes to the NSWbuy website since our article.

In the article, we were in error when we stated that no information was available about when the new Information and Communication Technology Services Providers Panel (Contract 2020) would come into force. We were led to this conclusion because at the time of writing, there was no reference to 2020 in the Information Technology listing on the NSWbuy site but contract 2036 for software development suppliers was listed there. This led us to conclude that 2036 was still active and 2020 was not

The Communications Manager at NSW Procurement (within the Department of Services, Technology and Administration) advised that there was information about the 2020 contract on the NSWbuy site. It was navigable via a button on the NSWbuy home page – which Intermedium readily admits we did not see, as we were looking under the Information Technology tab.  

In the intervening week, NSW Procurement has removed the information about contract 2036 for software development suppliers from the Information Technology listing and replaced it with information about contract 2020. Information about the suppliers under this contract will be published by NSW procurement when the process of executing contracts with all suppliers is completed. This has been a lengthy process due to the number of suppliers involved.

In addition, the expired Microsoft Common Use Software contract 2010 is now supplemented by a new entry to the listing – contract 2311 for Microsoft Large Account Resellers, which commenced on 1 September 2009 and expires 31 August 2012 with the option to extend by two further periods each up to 12 months in duration. It covers ‘the supply of Microsoft Software and limited product fulfilment services’.

The range of products/services available under the contract include the following licensing transactional models:

Licensing Agreement Transactional Model

Government Models

Open Government

Open Value for Government

Enterprise Agreement for Government

Select License for Government (or equivalent)

Select Plus for Government (or equivalent)

Commercial/Health Models

Open License

Open Value

Enterprise Agreement

Select License

Select Plus

Education Models

Open License for Academic

Select License for Academic

Select Plus for Academic

Schools Agreement

Campus agreement

Charity/Non for Profit Model

Charity Open License

Online Services Model

Microsoft Online Subscription Programme

The suppliers on the contract are Insight Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd and Data # 3 Limited.

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