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NSW Police on the hunt for new CITO amid $1B COPS replacement

by Angel Jemmett •
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After four years, Gordon Dunsford has left his role as Chief Information and Technology Officer for NSW Police to take up a role as Executive General Manager of digital at the Australian Energy Market Operator. The role marks a return to the utility sector, which he knows well, courtest of stints at WaterNSW, TransGrid, Integral Energy and TransACT.

Dunsford assumed responsibility for replacing the NSW Police’s Core Operational Policing System (COPS) from his predecessor at a critical time.

Following its initial funding in the 2013-14 Budget, the project faced many challenges, including a fresh ‘approach to the market’ in 2018.

Mark43 was announced as the supplier for the project in March 2021. The relatively new, US-based public safety software provider will deliver the cloud-based Integrated Policing Operating System (IPOS) to replace the 27-year-old COPS.

IPOS will assist police with enforcement operations as ‘Triple Zero’ calls, arrests and charges, criminal investigations and forensics.

The goal of IPOS is to eliminate data entry workloads so officers can spend more time in the field.

NSW Police will also equip every frontline officer with ‘MobiPol’ mobile devices as part of the broader IPOS program.

IPOS is being executed across three phases over approximately five years and will eventually be used by the Force’s 18,000 employees.

Phase one will see the delivery of a new computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system, which will support Triple Zero crime reporting and forensic management.

The following phases will revamp the agency’s investigation, evidence and forensic data, charge and custody and case management functions.

IPOS budget funding has been provided until 2028, and the total estimated cost for the transition from COPS to IPOS over 18 years is $1.235 billion.

This project marks the first partnership between Mark43 and an Australian law enforcement agency. In the USA, the company has partnered with over 100 public safety and policing agencies.

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