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NSW Service Catalogue firms up Cloud’s ascendancy

by Michael Read •
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The NSW Government is one step closer to creating a one-stop-shop for as-a-service solutions following the release of an Expression of Interest (EOI) by the Office of Finance and Services (OFS) entitled ‘Service Catalogue as a Service’.

According to a spokesperson from the Office of Finance and Services, the purpose of the EOI is to find a way to partially automate the processes involved in adding new ‘as-a-service’ offerings onto the existing Service Catalogue.

The offerings are to come from suppliers who are responding to a separate EOI entitled ‘ICT Service Catalogue Module 10 Trial Proposal’, that is running in parallel with the Service Catalogue as-a-Service EOI.

As part of that EOI, suppliers are being asked to provide as-a-service offerings for inclusion in the ICT Services Scheme.

These offerings will then be evaluated by the system supplied by the successful tenderer in the Service Catalogue as-a-Service EOI.

“OFS is looking for a cloud based solution that will automate the review process of new ‘as a Service’ offerings, populate the Service Catalogue and integrate with agency tools to provide a full lifecycle process to find, purchase, implement and manage for ‘as a Service’ offerings”, said the OFS Spokesperson.

“The automated review process will include an assessment of whether the offering meets defined standard frameworks that have been developed through the ICT Procurement and Technical Standards Working Group to describe whole of government requirements in business terms.”

According to the EOI documents, the ICT Services catalogue must itself be ‘as-a-service’ and be developed from currently available market offerings. Moreover, the system must provide an option to integrate with any existing provisioning and management platforms already in use by agencies.

The ICT Strategy Implementation Update 2013-14 envisages that the ICT Service Catalogue will act as this one stop shop and provide an online marketplace for agencies.

“The government private cloud will act as a marketplace from which agencies can source reliable infrastructure as a service, platform as a service and software as a service, provided by third parties and government shared service providers, through the ICT Service Catalogue”, states the Implementation Update.

Once a solution is evaluated and placed onto the Services Catalogue, eligible buyers will be able to enter into contractual arrangements directly with suppliers.

The OFS envisages that, once fully operational, the catalogue will “assist agencies as they move towards sourcing ICT ‘as a Service’ rather than the traditional buy, build, run approach”, according to the spokesperson.

Moves to create the Service Catalogue have been underway since the release of the State’s ICT Strategy in May 2012.

The OFS established an Infrastructure and Managed Services Working Group in June 2012 to “drive development of the ICT Service Catalogue and to support agencies’ transition to cloud services including through the new government data centres”, according to the ICT Strategy’s Implementation Update.

By September 2012, the ICT Service Catalogue was established for central online access to ICT contracts.

The release of the EOI marks the beginning of the final stage of the development of the Catalogue.

Respondents have until 28 July to respond to the ‘Service Catalogue as a Service’ EOI and until 6 August to the ‘ICT Service Catalogue Module 10 Trial Proposal’ EOI.



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