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NZ a hop, skip and jump behind digital government leaders

by Chris Huckstepp •
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NZ came in at third place** in Intermedium’s 2022 Digital Government Readiness and Maturity Indicator Report (DGRMI), behind the New South Wales and Federal governments.  

This article forms part of a series where each week Intermedium provides a dot point summary of the key factors behind each jurisdiction’s score.  

NZ’s spot was a result of factors including:  

  • RealMe – a single username and password to access and transact with public and private sector organisations.  

  • Strong governance with the Government Chief Digital Officer, Government Chief Privacy Officer, Government Chief Data Steward, and Government Chief Information Security Officer.  

  • Life journey projects including ‘start of life’ (SmartStart) and ‘end of life’ (the End of Life Service).  

Click here to read a complimentary summary of the Digital Government Readiness and Maturity Indicator report. It details the methodology and criteria used to determine the results. The full report can also be purchased from Intermedium by contacting

*Since 2016, Intermedium has provided a ‘no place to hide’ report on the jurisdictional digital transformation leaders and laggards. The 2022 report measures Whole of Government (WofG) progress on digital government readiness ‘enablers’ - digital strategies, policies, institutions, and governance arrangements. As of 2022, it also measures digital government maturity progress toward a government that is digital by design, user- and data-driven, operates as a platform and is open by default. 

**The information used by Intermedium to establish NZ’s DGRMI score was prepared solely from the research of public domain resources as the GCDO’s Office indicated that it was unable to provide answers to Intermedium’s survey in the timeframe requested. Intermedium acknowledges that there may be more DGM activity underway than it was able to discern from its public domain research and NZ may have received a lower score than they otherwise would have. 

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