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In other public sector ICT and digital news

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In other public sector ICT and digital news for the 4th of May

  • A single website for agencies to provide updates on the grants process is among the recommendations of the recently released NSW review into grants administration. The database would include information on upcoming grants, all open grants, grants awarded, a record if the decision of a Minister differed from recommendations from officials, and grant program evaluations.  

NSW Government will respond to the report’s 19 recommendations in the coming weeks. $4 billion are spent on NSW government grants each year, according to the report.

  • Services Australia’s new myGov app has undergone private beta testing and will be released during 2022, according to a Services Australia statement given to The app will likely feature a digital wallet to display vaccine certifications. Services Australia is also working on an enhanced myGov online platform.

In 2019, Minister Robert told the AFR “If you go to your Telstra app you can login biometrically, move to their CRM system and see all of the services that you have with Telstra and you can do everything from one place. Citizens are saying where is the one app for government?”  

  • Federal agencies must support e-invoicing by the start of the 2022-23 financial year. The requirement is expected to support small to medium businesses digitise and achieve greater security, efficiency and productivity. The Federal Government will pay e-invoices within five days to encourage SMEs to adopt the system.  

ATO Relationship Manager for the eInvoicing project Bruce Rossel said that “E-Invoicing is direct exchange of invoice or financial transaction information between a buyer’s and the seller’s software system… It doesn’t matter what software that your supplier is using. If you’re buying, you’re able to exchange that data through an interoperable network called Peppol.” 

  • Victoria’s timeline for digital driver’s licences remains unknown, despite the Minister telling an estimates hearing that Service Victoria and the Department of Transport were in discussions on the matter.   

South Australia and NSW are the only two Australian states which have fully rolled out digital driver’s licences alongside digital versions of other licence types. Victoria’s Minister Pearson told estimates that multiple transactions and licences would be rolled out in 2022, but according to IT News he did not confirm that digital vehicle licences are an active project.   

  • NSW citizens will have the option to receive a digital birth certificate by the end of 2022 with other jurisdictions to follow. The digital birth certificate will complement paper records and be available on multiple platforms (such as iOS and Android). Thoughtworks will assist NSW’s BDM and other agencies develop and deploy the solution.  

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