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QLD Government releases 5-year ICT strategy

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Last week, Public Works and ICT Minister Robert Schwarten released the Queensland Government strategy for government ICT. It is a comprehensive plan that addresses the big issues facing government ICT in the future. It is likely to be a very useful document beyond its primary audience.

The plan focuses on five key areas:

  • Accessible government - providing easy to access, customer centric services;
  • Efficient government - adopting a “one government” approach to ICT, and introducing a raft of savings measures;
  • Effective government - addressing leadership, governance and activities to deliver early engagement with industry;
  • Strong industry/government partnerships - creating an effective relationship with industry to solve contemporary problems and create enhanced business opportunities for local industry.

The plan outlines a five year agenda, packed into a nine page document. While the accompanying implementation document is not much bigger, it contains 84 separate actions, each needing significant consideration.

Of the 84 actions, 20 are devoted to savings measures. However these measures do not provide specific guidance about overall funding models. For example, it is not clear if the early savings will be sufficient to fund other early deliverables without the need for budget supplementation.

Unlike the Federal Government’s Gershon Review, the plan is not the outcome of specifically targeted deliberations. Instead, it is a strategy document aimed at complementing the Queensland Government’s overarching 2020 Strategy “Toward Q2: Tomorrow’s Queensland”. It therefore concentrates less on Gershon-style probing analysis, and much more on outlining goals and directions.

Missing also is any detailed discussion about broad engagement with agency heads and their Ministers. Such a big agenda is likely to have consequential implications on the delivery of business services. Close engagement of agency heads and Ministers is therefore a crucial ingredient for success.

The plan shines a fresh light on strategic ICT issues for government agencies. It is worth a detailed read by government agencies in other jurisdictions as well as government vendors.

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