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Queensland Government approaches the market to renew dramatically expanded hardware panel

by Paris Cowan •
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The Queensland Government has invited hardware suppliers to submit tenders to be part of a refreshed whole-of-government panel for the supply of IT hardware and associated services, which could be worth more than $200 million per annum.

For the first time since its inception in August 2007, panel QP 707 will include hardware procurement undertaken by the Queensland Department of Education and Training (DET), albeit under a separate customer schedule. The addition of the Department has the potential to increase the panel’s value by 70 percent and will bring a further 320,000 PCs and laptops under its scope.

Previously, the DET sourced hardware through its own standing offer arrangement (EDPSA-103.1), which operated independently of the QP 707 panel. Over its four year term, from 2007-08 to 2010-11 inclusive, $279 million worth of contracts were signed against the DET panel. In 2010-11, the annual value of contracting against the panel was approximately $82 million.

The remainder of the Queensland Government was covered by QP 707 for this same period. It is estimated that $410 million worth of contracts were signed against QP 707 in the 2007-08 to 2010-11 period, including $122 million in 2010-11.

When the DET is included in the count, it is estimated that the Queensland Government has a total PC and laptop fleet numbering 440,032.

The breakdown of desktop PCs and portable computers across each of the 13 Queensland Government budget-funded agencies is as follows, according to tender documents:

  1. Department of Education and Training – 320,000
  2. Queensland Health – 43,390
  3. Department of Communities – 13,263
  4. Queensland Police Services – 12,980
  5. Queensland Transport and Main Roads – 11,769
  6. Department of Public Works – 8,106
  7. Department of Environment and Resource Management – 8,000
  8. Department of Community Safety – 7,850
  9. Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation – 6,071
  10. Justice and Attorney General – 5,296
  11. Treasury – 1,326
  12. Department of Local Government and Planning – 1,187
  13. Department of Premier and Cabinet – 794

The new whole-of-government hardware panel will cover the provision of desktop PCs, portable computers, servers supporting up to four CPU sockets (including blade servers), mobile devices and associated peripherals to Queensland agencies. Under a second category it will also cover the supply of Lifecycle Management Services for the above products.

Tenderers are advised that offers covering only selected parts of this scope will be accepted, as will consortium offers. All offers will also need to include pricing submissions, including separate pricing for DET procurements.

The panel will also overrule existing managed services arrangements within Queensland agencies which cover hardware provision. Budget-sector agencies which have such an arrangement in place will be expected to transition out of the hardware component upon the termination or expiry of their contract.

The existing incarnation of the panel comprised of just three suppliers, with each authorised to supply certain hardware brands. Data #3 was contracted to supply HP and Toshiba products; Dell was contracted to supply Dell products; and Fujitsu was contracted to supply Acer, Lenovo and IBM products.

The existing panel has been extended to 30 June 2012 to allow time for the completion of the fresh approach to market.

The existing Education panel, EDPSA-103.1, includes Acer, Dell and HP as panellists and has been extended to 21 December 2012.

Whole-of-government hardware panels are also in place in NSW, South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria and Tasmania and Federally.

The NSW’s Government’s Contract 2007A Panel, for personal computers and notebooks, is due to expire in April this year, and the State Contracts Control Board is currently weighing up its options when it comes to extending or renewing this panel.

In South Australia, the whole-of-government Client Computing and Server Equipment panel has recently expired and is currently under review.

The remainder are due to expire in 2013.

Tenders for the Queensland panel close on 12 April 2012 and the Queensland Government Chief Procurement Office will hold an optional industry briefing on 1 March 2012.


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