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Queensland opens applications for ICT Services Panel

by Pallavi Singhal •
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The Queensland Government Chief Procurement Office (QGCPO) has opened Invitations to Offer for the first tranche of its mandatory whole-of-government ICT Services panel, with approaches to market for the remaining two tranches expected within the next eight months.

The panel will have no fixed term, and remain continuously open to suppliers who meet requirements.

Tranche One covers Strategy and Architecture services and Business Change services, including IT governance, consultancy, enterprise and business architecture, change implementation planning and management, and project management.

Tranche Two will cover Solution Development and Implementation and Service Management services. Tranche Three will be for Procurement and Management Support and Client Interface services, according to tender documents.

The panel arrangement will not cover ICT infrastructure services, which will continue to be supplied by CITEC.

The panel will be available to be used for ICT procurements with an expected value of up to $5 million. Agencies are required to undertake an Industry Review prior to approaching the panel when services are expected to exceed $2 million.

The ICT Services panel has been a long time in the making, with consultation dating back as far as March 2010. The initial approach to market was originally scheduled for January 2013, but was delayed for further industry discussion.

The commencement of the panel was also postponed in anticipation of the state-wide ICT audit led by Government CIO Peter Grant, which was due for completion in October 2012. An interim audit report has found significant problems with the state of technology in Queensland, including an ageing ICT fleet and considerable systems duplication.

Changes to ICT services procurement are part of a wider ICT strategy that is currently under development and expected to be completed in June 2013.

Other changes on the horizon for Queensland include reforms to ICT Governance arrangements, a strategy for cloud procurement and a revision of shared services models.

Traditional fixed-supplier panel arrangements appear to be approaching the end of the road, with NSW and Victoria also replacing their respective ICT services panels with continuously open multi-use lists.

NSW’s mandatory ICT Services Scheme has already been launched to replace State Contract 2020, which expired in February. Applications are constantly open for suppliers meeting the minimum requirements under the new procurement arrangement.

Victoria is also set to transition away from its eServices Panel by July 2013. The new eServices Register will implement similar procurement policies to NSW’s ICT Services Scheme, with suppliers who meet prequalification criteria able to join the register at any time.

The Federal Government has forgone a whole-of-government IT Services panel in favour of mandating multi-agency access to portfolio IT panels. The Portfolio Panels for IT Services Policy essentially enables suppliers to gain access to all Government agencies by joining a single panel.

Applications for the ICT Services panel close on 10 May 2013.


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