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Queensland to streamline service delivery with QGov Online

by Paris Cowan •
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The Queensland Government is currently working on a single online entry point that will aggregate its most popular online services in a way that reflects a customer’s view of government – not a public servant’s.

“We know from our research that government customers don’t give much thought to what government department it is they are dealing with,” said Program Manger at Smart Service Queensland, David Beal.

“That’s why the Queensland Government  is always looking for new ways to build stronger relationships with  our customers.

“We want to deliver a nice streamlined experience online and make it easier for Queenslanders to access State Government services," he said.

The development of QGov Online is being overseen by Smart Service Queensland (Smart Service), the agency responsible for coordinating government service delivery across the state.

Through extensive customer research, Smart Service has identified 17 topic areas which members of the public deem to be their priorities when dealing with the government, including motoring and transport, energy and issues pertaining to seniors and people with a disability.

Through a franchise model, each of the 17 areas of interest contained on QGov Online will be managed by a lead agency. This lead agency will be expected to conduct comprehensive research into the online experience their particular target group seeks.

The first of these 17 pages is already live at .

While QGov Online will provide a single website experience in terms of the most used government transactions, the initiative will not seek to replace any of the other Queensland Government websites that already exist.

The project forms part of the ‘Towards Q2 Through ICT’ whole of government ICT strategy for Queensland.

One of the key objectives of the strategy is to: “Implement a single website experience using the franchise model to coordinate information and ensure online service interactions are accessible through the Smart Service Queensland web presence/single portal.”

At present, Beal says his team is focusing on ways of encouraging customers to make online transaction points their first port of call when it comes to interacting with the government.

“There is no point in delivering services online if there is no customer retention,” he said. “We need to ensure that there is stickability.”

To do this, Smart Service Queensland has opened a customer research lab which will allow it to conduct client testing before, rather than after, the project is completed.

“The customer research lab allows us the capability to test an idea in its infancy and get quick results before launching a whole project and spending money and time on something that may in the end be ineffective,” said Beal.

Beal told Intermediumthat 220 customers have already taken part in testing for QGov Online.

The Department of Communities, the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation and the Department of Public Works have also expressed an interested in the testing lab.


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