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SA nears digital make-or-break moment

by Chris Huckstepp •
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South Australia sits in eighth place* in Intermedium’s 2022 Digital Government Readiness and Maturity Indicator Report (DGRMI)**, behind New South Wales, Federal, New Zealand, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Western Australia and Northern Territory.

Notwithstanding its position towards the bottom of the new DGRMI, SA has historically been a consistent performer in Intermedium’s Digital Government Readiness Indicator (DGRI), particularly when considering the size of its population and resources relative to its peers. Over the last five iterations, the State has hovered between fifth and sixth in the DGRI (the DGRI constituent comprises half the new DGRMI).

The addition of the Digital Government Maturity Indicator (DGMI) constituent in 2022 has resulted in SA receiving an overall score in the DGRMI of 12.4 out of 20, despite still coming in at sixth in the DGRI component.

This demonstrates that SA still has considerable work to do to leverage its digital government enablers to establish a government that is digital by design, user- and data-driven, operates as a platform and is open by default.

The assessment was carried out during the term of the former Liberal Government, however, Intermedium’s analysis of Labor’s 2022-23 budget indicates that it is light on funding for new digital initiatives. As low funding for ICT and digital is typical of post-election budgets across Australian jurisdictions as governments take time to establish priorities, the next 12 months (and particularly the release of the 2023-24 budget) will be revealing as to whether SA will punch above its weight in digital government in the future or fall further behind leading jurisdictions.

Key factors behind SA’s result included:

Click here to read a complimentary summary of the Digital Government Readiness and Maturity Indicator report. It details the methodology and criteria used to determine the results. The full report can also be purchased from Intermedium by contacting

*The information used by Intermedium to establish South Australia’s DGRMI score was prepared solely from the research of public domain resources as South Australia indicated that it was unable to provide answers to Intermedium’s survey due to the change in government. Intermedium acknowledges that there may be more digital government maturity activity underway than it was able to discern from its public domain research and South Australia may have received a lower score than it otherwise would have. 

**Since 2016, Intermedium has provided a ‘no place to hide’ report on the jurisdictional digital transformation leaders and laggards. The 2022 report measures Whole of Government (WofG) progress on digital government readiness ‘enablers’ - digital strategies, policies, institutions, and governance arrangements. As of 2022, it also measures digital government maturity progress toward a government that is digital by design, user- and data-driven, operates as a platform and is open by default.

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