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scout IT Shows Significant Changes in Agency Procurement Plans

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It’s been 6 months now since the release of 2007-08 procurement plans by Federal Government agencies. Intermedium’s monitoring of these plans shows a significant number of new projects have been added during first half of the year.

Frequent and often significant changes are made to the annual procurement plans during the course of the year. Intermedium’s scout IT prospecting tool tracks the ICT items in agency procurement plans, providing a monthly update that identifies changes such as new items, variations in the “go to market” date, as well as changes to the project description.

There are currently 445 ICT items listed in scout IT, compared with 394 listed in scout IT, and based on the original 2007-08 plans. That’s an increase of 13% in the first 6 months of the financial year.

IT Services continues to be the dominant category for planned ICT procurements, accounting for 40% of ICT items.

Less than 10% of planned procurements were advertised in the first 6 months of 2007-08. Only 5 procurement plan items could be identified as being awarded in 6 months. There were 7 procurement plan items deleted during the period.

The Department of Defence procurement plan has listed 60 planned procurements for the 2007-08 financial year, 12 of which were identified as ICT. Defence ICT planned procurements include, IT Services - Standing Offer Panel for Contractors, Project Management & Support Services in NID, PABX and Unclassified and Restricted Videoconferencing Services. Only one ICT item was added to the Defence procurement plan in the past 6 months. Two items have been advertised.

Centrelink listed 13 ICT items in its original July 2007 procurement plan, including SAN Cards and Video Conferencing System. In the past 6 months 4 new items have been were added, while 5 procurement plan items were deleted.

DIAC listed only 3 ICT items in its 2007-08 Procurement Plan. These included Telecommunications Services, an Online Recruitment System and the Development of Training Materials for the System for People program. In the past 6 months 2 of the procurement plan items have been advertised.

AFP is an example of an agency that regularly updates its procurement plan, noting if an item has gone to tender or if the procurement plan item has been deferred. In December the AFP issued an update which included on the “Risk Register Software” and “External Data Hosting” procurement plan items, both of which have been deferred to 2008.

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