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Shake-up at the top: Race to digital readiness narrows

by Chris Huckstepp •
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The Federal government has joined New South Wales as one of two jurisdictions Intermedium considers “digital government ready” in its 2020 digital readiness report, with Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory in a position to achieve the threshold score of 9.0 by next year’s iteration.

The Digital Government Readiness Indicator Report is a measure of what each jurisdiction has done at a whole of government (WofG) policy, legislative or procedural level to ensure that its agencies are supported and enabled in their digital transformation activities.

The fifth iteration of the report is being published at a genuine inflection point in the rate at which digital transformation will now occur across all jurisdictions.

Since the 2019 edition, digital transformation has caught the attention of the Prime Minister and Premiers after years of struggle to elevate a commitment to digitally enabled citizen-centric services to the most senior level of government across Australia.

The promotion of the Australian Data and Digital Council (ADDC) to full council of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG), and its adoption of life journey mapping (with projects led by NSW, Queensland and ACT), suggests there is senior buy-in to the notion that service delivery to all Australians must improve irrespective of state and federal boundaries.

The creation of Services Australia at the Federal level (emulating Service NSW), the establishment of the NSW Delivery and Performance Committee (DaPCo), and the launch of digital drivers’ licences in NSW, Qld and SA are all further examples of major activity since the 2019 iteration.

How did your jurisdiction fare? Full breakdown and analysis of each jurisdiction’s score can be found in the report, available for Intermedium subscribers at the following link.

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