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Tasmania establishes new hardware panel and refreshes existing arrangement

by Pallavi Singhal •
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The Tasmanian Government has established a brand new hardware panel for Active Networking Equipment and Associated Services, and undertaken a refresh of the existing whole-of-government panel for ICT hardware and support services.

The new panel has an estimated value of $5.5 million over its initial term from June 2013 to 2016, with options to extend out to 2020.

Its scope includes switches, routers and associated software, as well as installation, configuration, maintenance and support services.

According to the Tasmanian Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC), the purpose of the panel is to assist agencies in upgrading their local network infrastructure to facilitate the ongoing roll-out of the whole-of-government voice over internet protocol (VOIP) telephone project, the Modern Communication Services for Government Program (Modern Comms Program).

The project, which aims to develop and implement a modern integrated voice service across the Tasmanian public sector is currently in its final implementation stage. The Modern Comms Program will eventually oversee a smooth transition to the new model from the existing Telstra Spectrum analogue telephone system in use by Government agencies.

The preliminary stage of the project began in 2010 with the development of the Voice Services Strategy and launch of the Voice Services Project. This stage involved the negotiation of a multiple supplier arrangement for the supply of voice network services. DPC signed an $18.5 million contract with Anittel for the provision of a managed private voice network, and contracts worth a total of $13.2 million with Telstra and MyNetFone for public network access and carriage services.

The current list of Active Networking Equipment and Associated Services panellists includes:

  • Alphawest Services;
  • Anittel;
  • C&I Network Engineering Services;
  • Data#3;
  • Intuit Technologies; and
  • TasmaNet.

Supported platforms available to Tasmanian agencies through the panel are Extreme, Cisco, HP and Juniper.

DPC is also in the process of refreshing the whole-of-government panel for information, communications and technology hardware, with a recent approach to market for the addition of new suppliers to the arrangement.

The panel covers the procurement of desktop computers, laptop and tablet devices, associated services and peripherals, printers, and servers, storage and support services.

It has an annual sales value of over $15 million, according to tender documents.

The total value of the arrangement is expected to be $83.6 million over its lifetime from 2009 to 2015.

DPS approached the market in May. Following the acceptance of suppliers by August 2013, the ICT hardware panel will be in place for two years until April 2015 when it is due to reach its final expiration.

The Tasmanian Government is also planning to refresh its $62 million whole-of-government telecommunications panel that covers wide area networking, Internet and associated services. The current arrangement, Networking Tasmania II, is due to expire in May 2015.

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