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Tasmania invites tenders for ‘closest thing’ to whole-of-government IT Services panel

by David Shi •
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TMD, the Tasmanian ICT shared services provider within the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPAC), has approached the market to establish a panel for the provision of specialist IT services.

As TMD provides both in-house and outsourced whole-of-government telecommunications, IT and business solutions to Tasmanian Government agencies, Intermedium believes that this arrangement will essentially serve as a de facto whole-of-government panel.

It has taken this step despite a snowballing movement away from centralised IT Services panel arrangements in other Australian jurisdictions.

According to tender documents released by TMD on 7 July 2012, the IT and telecommunications services that will be covered under the panel include:

  • Software development and programming;
  • Solution analysis;
  • Development, maintenance or implementation of information system or network security systems and processes;
  • Services to support transition in or out of IT systems;
  • Assistance in managing fixed and mobile voice and data service suppliers; and
  • Design or planning of specialist telephony or data networking solutions.

Panellists may also be asked to provide design, maintenance and management advice for new and existing data centre systems. Services may also be procured by DPAC if required.

Rather ambitiously, in Intermedium’s experience, the tender process is expected to be completed by mid-August 2012 and panel operations are expected to commence on 12 September 2012, for an initial three year term with two additional one year extension options.

All supplier applications for the Specialist ICT Services panel must be submitted by 30 July 2012 on the Tasmanian Tenders website.

Email Consolidation:

TMD has also announced that it has now migrated 16,500 mailboxes to its whole-of-government email service, including the entire email suite used by the Department of Education.

The final phase of the Email Consolidation Project, which will migrate all remaining users of the Microsoft Exchange 2007 environment to a centrally managed Exchange 2010 platform, is scheduled for completion by the end the 2012-13 financial year.

The next agencies due to be transitioned over include the Department of Police and Emergency Management and the Department of Treasury and Finance.

The Email Consolidation Project is one of the three foundations of the IT Transformation Program, a plan which aims to consolidate TMD software and computing platforms with the aim of reducing costs.

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