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TMAN Panel to be the most competitive amongst AGIMO suite

by Paris Cowan •
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The Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) has finished adding new members to its whole-of-government Telecommunications Management (TMAN) panel.

Mundi Tomlinson, Assistant Secretary at AGIMO, named the last four vendors to be added to the panel via the AGIMO Blog on 6 September.

The latest panellists are:

  • Gibson Quai;
  • Soul Pattinson Telecommunications;
  • Broadreach Services; and
  • Verizon

At 26 members, the TMAN panel is more than twice the size of the next largest whole-of-government ICT panel. The Desktop Hardware panel has 12 signatories.

This means that it will be the most competitive of all the panels, and many of the smaller companies will have to fight it out to win work against big names like Fujitsu, Optus and Telstra.

Two of the companies named in the latest announcement have had only a handful of ICT contracts listed with Austender between them.

According to Intermedium’s Analyse IT tool, Soul Pattinson’s has recorded only two government ICT contracts on Austender since it was established, both for the provision of internet access to the Department of Parliamentary Services, and worth $554,400 in total. Videoconferencing specialist Broadreach Services, on the other hand, does not show up on the database at all.

Part of the UXC Group of companies, Gibson Quai has signed seven ICT contracts with government over the past two financial years, with a total value of $650,939.

In contrast, Verizon has achieved $99.8 million in new contracts in the two financial years 2009-10 and 2010-11, including a $54.8 million contract with Defence for the provision of internet gateway services.

It is Verizon’s second addition to a whole-of-government panel, with the vendor named as a member of the Internet Based Network Connections (IBNC) panel on 12 August.

Below is the final list of suppliers on the TMAN Panel:

  1. Boeing Defence
  2. Bridge IT
  3. Consultel
  4. Fujitsu
  5. NEC
  6. Optus
  7. Telstra
  8. Business Strategy Review
  9. Cisco

10. Cordelta

11. Envista

12. Telsoft

13. The Strategic Directions Group

14. UXC Ltd

15. Transpire

16. Veridian Solutions

17. Alcatel-Lucent

18. Dimension Data

19. Electroboard Solutions

20. Housley Consulting

21. Rob Dobson and Associates

22. Stratatel

23. Gibson Quai – AAS

24. Soul Pattinson Telecommunications

25. Broadreach Services

26. Verizon


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